‘Girraween Vacation’—a family camping adventure in a ‘nature park’
Issued: 5 Jul 2018

If an escape from the family school day routine appeals (like, really appeals!) but the idea of a family road trip and camping holiday conjures up images of the Griswolds on vacation, leaving you in a cold sweat, we have a solution!

Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

If an escape from the family school routine appeals (like really appeals) but the idea of a family road trip and camping holiday conjures up images of the Griswolds on vacation, leaving you in a cold sweat, we have a solution!

Around 3 hours' drive from Brisbane will bring you to Girraween National Park, a nature escape so beautiful and life-affirming that you’ll wonder why you waited this long to discover it, despite your road trip jitters.

This is no 'Walley World'! You can set the kids free among massive granite outcrops, precariously-balanced boulders and spectacular displays of wildflowers that blaze across the landscape each year.

With many walking tracks to choose from (including some you can explore on mountain bikes) and with wildlife galore to spot, you’ll have all the healthy outdoor fun and adventure you could wish for!

Family group in brightly-coloured clothing rests on granite slab clearing surrounded by low forest with expansive views of mountainous landscapeThe Pyramid | Maxime Coquard © Tourism and Events Queensland

Family road trip—getting ‘back to the bush’

Pack the family truckster with all the trappings you’ll need for a few fun-filled days in the bush, and make tracks for Girraween’s camping areas. Take these tips from Clark Griswold—leave Aunt Edna and the dog behind, hang onto your wallet and ignore red ferraris—and your road trip should be hassle-free!

Your new 'home away from home' is nestled among gum trees and your new neighbours are eastern grey kangaroos and red-necked wallabies. You won’t need to rough it too much here—we’ve provided toilets, picnic tables, water (needs treating) and communal wood barbecues.

The kids will love playing around your spacious camp site, in between all the adventure activities you have in store for them. And you’ll love relaxing with a cuppa, while you sit back and enjoy a nature-fix.

Decisions, decisions—where to go for help

Girraween offers so many choices for walks—it could take you all morning to decide where to go first! Our tip is to drop into the Girraween Visitor Centre for tips on ‘must dos’, best times and other local advice. Spend time exploring the displays—your young ones will be intrigued by the fun kid-friendly exhibits.

Then engage the whole family in deciding your itinerary—take votes or draw straws on which walks you want to try!

Colourful informative signs, book-like displays and 'fake rock' sculptures inside the visitors centre. Girraween Visitor Centre | © Queensland Government

Walk, wander, wonder! Explore the great outdoors on foot

If routine is the enemy of wonder and creativity, then exploring Girraween is just the opposite!

  • Watch the kids baulk and marvel as they walk beneath the famous Granite Arch—a natural stone archway of massive balancing boulders—on this easy half hour walk.
  • Help them to discover and photograph the upside-down world of natures’ reflections on the mirror-like surface of Dr Roberts Waterhole.
  • Take a journey to solve the mystery of the disappearing creek on the Underground Creek track—the creek seemingly vanishes beneath fallen boulders.
  • Explore the beautiful Bald Rock Creek circuit to spot butterflies and discover water-sculpted rockpools.

Miles away from their everyday lives and routines, your young ones will be filled with wonder at the power and beauty of nature at Girraween!

Family walks along walking track under archway formed by enormous granite boulders balanced on each other with several trees growing amongst the boulders. Granite Arch | Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

Splash off—best spot for a swim

After all that walking and exploring you’ll need a ‘cool down’. Take a pleasant wander among the wildflowers on the Wyberba walk along Bald Rock Creek, and splash with the kids in the permanent waterhole. Keep an eye out for Bell’s turtles basking on rocks.

Severla people of all ages strolling along walking track beside creek and shaded by open forest.Wyberba walk | Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

Wheely fun—where to go exploring on two wheels

‘Crank up’ the mountain bikes and head to the Creek trail to explore Girraween’s remote ‘back country’. The young ‘uns will whiz along the mostly-flat trail, with a few slight inclines and the odd creek crossing, while you can enjoy the passing forest and springtime wildflower displays in a more leisurely fashion. Or not.

A man on a mountainbike cycles along a dirt track through open forest with grassy understorey. Creek trail | © Queensland Government

Don't miss this!

Girraween is one family vacation not to be missed—it’s the perfect place to reconnect with your family in nature, and instil in the kids a sense of wonder in the world and in the environment around them.

Check out Girraween National Park for more information and start planning your trip to Girraween’s camping areas without delay! Always check park alerts before you head off.