Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to enjoy nature, connect with people, learn new skills and contribute to conservation, volunteering for parks is a great path to venture down. You never know what you’ll discover!

Volunteer to work alongside a ranger, or join one of our community partnership programs operating across Queensland. Whatever the task at hand, volunteer work offers a great sense of satisfaction, and it really makes a difference to our parks.

If you’re studying fields related to environmental management, voluntary work experience or industry placements can help you gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of the diverse opportunities within this field.

And as for campground hosts, they are a rare and valued type of volunteer—working hard to ensure happy campers all over the state. Don’t worry, as a campground host you’ll still be able to enjoy your own peaceful holiday as well.

We’re always welcoming new volunteers—we’d love you to join us.