Woowoonga National Park Bundaberg

View of Woowoonga National Park. Photo credit: Brian Tighe, Queensland Government

About Woowoonga

    Park features

    Woowoonga National Park protects 2546ha of rugged and densely forested country along the Woowoonga Range. Hike through dry rainforest and open forest to Mount Woowoonga (620m) for spectacular views over the Biggenden and Maryborough areas.

    This mountainous area contains pockets of remnant hardwood and dry rainforest species such as hoop pine, brush box, kauri pine and forest red gum that remain intact and undisturbed by timber harvesting. The park also protects a species of endangered cycad Cycas magacarpa which occurs in spotted gum and narrow-leaved ironbark woodlands.

    Looking after the park

    You can help protect the natural environment and help ensure the survival of native plants and animals living here, by following these guidelines.

    • Everything within the national park is protected. Do not take or interfere with plants, animals, soil or rocks.
    • Stay on the walking track and summit route. Shortcutting causes erosion and can lead to visitors becoming lost.
    • Carry it in, carry it out. Reduce your rubbish by bringing as little packaging as possible. Remove all rubbish including items such as aluminium foil, plastic bottles, tins and cigarette butts.
    • Bury human waste and toilet paper at least 15cm deep and at least 100m from watercourses, tracks, routes and camp sites. Bag and carry out all non-biodegradable items—this includes personal hygiene products.
    • Do not feed or leave food for animals. Human food can harm wildlife and cause some animals to become aggressive.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    Gazetted in 2006 as a national park, Woowoonga was previously managed as a state forest. The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manages these parks and forests under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 to preserve and present their remarkable natural and cultural values.

    The park is managed in accordance with the Woowoonga National Park management statement (PDF, 96.9KB) . Future planning for Woowoonga National Park will be developed under the Values Based Management Framework.

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