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Windin Falls walking track

Walk through world heritage-listed forests to the top of Windin Falls. Taking great care, reward yourself with stunning views over the valley far below.

Journey type
11.5km return Start and finish points are the same and the traveller must return via the same path
Time suggested
Allow 2.5-3hr return
Grade 4 walking track

Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle

Journey facilities

  • Lookout (natural)
  • Walking

Windin Falls walking track starts from the Gourka Road car park on the Atherton Tableland. From the car park, the wide walking track steadily descends towards the top of Windin Falls, with the last 50m being very steep. The red clay soil, when wet, is muddy and slippery and the walking track is best avoided during and after rain.

Take extreme care—serious injury and death have occurred here. At the top of the waterfall, rocks lining the creek bank are very slippery, and if you fall, there is nothing to stop you getting swept downstream and over the falls. During and after heavy rain, creek conditions can change and become dangerous. Fast flowing water—with strong currents—can occur.

Grade 4 walking trackGrade 4 track

  • Rough track. May be long and very steep with few directional signs.
  • May be overgrown, expect hazards such as fallen trees and slippery rocks.
  • Moderate fitness level with previous experience and ankle-supporting footwear is strongly recommended.

Getting there and getting around

From Cairns, travel 24km south to Gordonvale. Turn right and take the Gillies Range Road for 40km to the tablelands. Turn left onto Lake Barrine Road and follow for 6.4km. Turn left onto Topaz Road and follow for 9.5km. Veer left at the intersection near the Lamins Hill lookout onto Old Cairns Track and then right at the intersection onto Gourka Road, as indicated by the sign to Windin Falls/Bartle Frere walking track. After 5km along Gourka Road, the Windin Falls walking track car park is on the left. Gourka Road continues from here to the Bartle Frere walking track western trailhead.

Wheelchair accessibility

There are no wheelchair-accessible tracks or facilities along the Windin Falls walking track.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Windin Falls walking track is open 24 hours a day. Avoid the walking track during and after heavy rain.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

At Windin Falls, slippery rocks and a sheer cliff face combine to make this site dangerous.

DANGER: Serious injury and death have occurred here from slipping and falling. Take extreme care during and after heavy rain—creek conditions at the top of the falls can change and become dangerous. Fast flowing water—with strong currents—can occur. View warning sign (PDF, 56.4KB) .

  • Do not risk your life for a photo. Live to post your story. Pay attention to your surroundings when taking photos, including selfies.
  • Be aware that mobile phone reception may be available at the car park (depending on your phone provider). There is no mobile phone reception along the walking track or at the top of Windin Falls.
  • It is vital to play close attention to signs that warn visitors of local dangers.
  • Never walk alone.
  • Wear sturdy hiking boots.
  • Remain on the walking track at all times.
  • Carry adequate drinking water.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and a long-sleeved shirt, even on cloudy days.
  • Wear adequate clothing and insect repellent for protection against stings, scratches and insect bites, especially bites from ticks.
  • Check regularly for leeches and remove.
  • Cassowaries live in this area. Never approach or feed these animals and remember to be cass-o-wary.
  • Avoid stinging trees. These plants are found at rainforest edges. They grow to 4m high and have large, heart-shaped leaves with serrated edges. Do not touch these plants as it will almost certainly result in a very painful sting. If you are stung, and symptoms are severe, seek medical attention.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Walk with care.