Goldfield trail, Wooroonooran National Park Tropical North Queensland

Lush rainforest, creek crossings, king ferns, and the Mulgrave River are features of the Goldfield trail. Photo credit: © Queensland Government

About the Goldfield trail

    Looking after the walk

    Parks and forests protect Queensland's wonderful natural diversity and scenery. Help keep these places special by following the guidelines below.

    • Camping is only permitted in the designated camping area and permits are required.
    • Rubbish bins are not provided. Do not bury rubbish—take it with you when you leave. This includes cigarette butts, which do not decompose.
    • Stay on walking tracks at all times. This reduces the risks of injury, prevents disturbance to native plants and animals, and reduces erosion.
    • When cycling, stay on the track—riding over vegetation, breaking branches, taking shortcuts and forming new trails damages the environment.
    • Limit the spread of weeds by ensuring clothes, shoes, gear and bike are clean and free of seeds before arriving at the park.
    • Feeding of wildlife is not allowed as it can affect the health of animals and alter the natural population balance.
    • Take care not to pollute fresh water. Do not use soap, shampoo or detergents in rivers or creeks.
    • Bury human waste and toilet paper at least 15cm below the ground and 100m from waterways, camping areas and the trail.
    • Lighting of fires is not allowed. Please use a fuel or gas stove for cooking.
    • Everything in the park, living or dead, is protected. Please leave everything as you find it.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Walk management

    Wooroonooran National Park forms part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. It is managed for the purposes of nature conservation and nature-based recreation.

    Wooroonooran National Park is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, in collaboration with the Wet Tropics Management Authority and the Traditional Owners.

    Tourism information links

    Babinda Information Centre
    Corner Bruce Highway and Munro Street, Babinda QLD 4861
    Ph: (07) 4067 1008

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