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Google reviews for Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

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  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Psycho Skorpz
    a month ago

    Great value for money. Nice place for a relaxing day out. Staff are friendly and helpful. The animals are awesome. My wife and I will be back again soon.

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Anne Cowley
    2 months ago

    Beautiful surroundings. A while since I've visited. Must say that the addition of a large dining deck adds an inviting space for families to relax and enjoy a meal together. ❤

  • 4stars, rated out of 5 steve power
    a year ago

    Pleasant outing.

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 michael manning
    a year ago

    Love plants and animals

  • 2stars, rated out of 5 Lyn Armstrong
    2 months ago

    Very nice setting, food was good, service not enough staff but reasonable. The one issue was there was no kind of cooling system not even a fan under a colour bond roof. The temperature was very high 37 but it was unbearable under that roof. Won't go back in summer.

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Visiting Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

Our wildlife and Park Rangers look forward to welcoming you to the park. As part of our COVID-safe plan, we have implemented some changes—please ensure you review all information before you visit. Photo credit: Anna Osetroff

Swim, kayak or canoe in the Enoggera Reservoir. Photo credit: Courtney Adamson © Queensland Government

Be inspired: Why Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is the hidden gem Brisbane families love

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is a hidden gem right on Brisbane’s doorstep! Hidden in plain sight, that is! Photo credit: Tomek Z Genek © Queensland Government

School excursions

Go Wild – Discover, Connect and Act!

Empowering today’s youth to take positive action for our environment!

Located on the edge of Brisbane’s largest national park, D’Aguilar National Park, and incorporating the Enoggera Reservoir, the Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre provides a fantastic learning environment for young people of all ages. Spend the day with our animals, head onto one of the short walking tracks or take a paddle on the reservoir. Regardless of your learning focus Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is the place to go!

Download the Discovery Centre Guide (PDF, 1.4MB) to help you plan your day.

Our Park Rangers are available to share their stories and help students discover and connect with Queensland unique native species and the protected habitats they live within while learning about the issues and problems facing them. Our educational experiences are all about changing attitudes and behaviours and motivating meaningful ACTION, informed by knowledge, and understanding.

Our unique learning experiences can be tailored to curriculum with content and duration tailored to catered for any year level and students with diverse learning needs. With indoor and outdoor presentation areas, including our new living classroom, we have options for all weather conditions and learning outcomes.

While programs can be tailored to meet needs there are four standard booking options available to school groups, including:-

  • Self-guided tours
  • WildEd - Ranger led presentation (up to 45 minutes) tailored to your specific learning or curriculum outcomes
  • Into the Wild – A Ranger led multi-species show (up to 60 minutes)
  • Ranger Guided Park tour (up to 1.5hrs)

Below is just an example of the curriculum links that can be addressed through our educational programs.

Education activities

Year level

Activity name

Australian curriculum



Basic Needs

Living things have basic needs, including food and water (ACSSU002)

Recognising the needs of living things in a range of situations such as pets at home, plants in the garden or plants and animals in bushland

Year 1

Fur Feathers Scales

Living things have a variety of external features (ACSSU017)

Describing the use of animal body parts for particular purposes such as moving and feeding

Year 1


Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)

Exploring what happens when habitats change and some living things can no longer have their needs met

Year 2

Animal Offspring

Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves (ACSSU030)

Exploring different characteristics of life stages in animals such as egg, caterpillar and butterfly

Year 2

David Fleay

The History of a significant person or part of the natural environment (ACHASSK044)

Investigating the history of a chosen person, building, site or landmark in the local community using sources and relating a story which these reveal about the past

Year 3

Living and Non-living

Living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things (ACSSU044)

Recognising characteristics of living things such as growing, moving, sensitivity and reproducing

Year 4

Life Cycles

Living things have life cycles (ACSSU072)

Describing the stages of life cycles of different living things such as insects, birds, frogs and flowering plants

Year 5


Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (ACSSU043)

Describing and listing adaptations of living things suited for particular Australian environments

Information pack

Our downloadable information pack (PDF, 728.3KB) includes an excursion guide, education activities and risk management guidelines.


Head to our online booking console to book your program today! Should you require further assistance just contact our Education team at walkaboutcreek@des.qld.gov.au or 3164 3600.


ProgramStudent Price (10 or more paying students)
School Group – Self guided tour $3.50
WildEd – Ranger led curriculum aligned experience within living classroom $15.00
Into the Wild – Ranger led wildlife discovery show $15.00
Ranger guided park tour $15.00

Free of charge (FOC) ratio for teachers/supervisors

Year Level Free of charge ratio
Childcare (under 4 years) 1 FOC to 3 children
Prep – Year 3 1 FOC to 5 students
Years 4-6 1 FOC to 10 students
Years 7-12 1 FOC to 15 students
Tertiary 1 FOC to 20 students

Above group rate available to school groups with 10 or more paying students. All prices are inclusive of GST and available only to Australian primary and secondary education institutions. Prices updated on the first of July every year and are subject to change without notice. Entry to the park is subject to the park's condition of entry (PDF, 909.1KB) . If you have an enquiry about these prices or eligibility please email the Education team at walkaboutcreek@des.qld.gov.au for further details.