Vernon State Forest Fraser Coast

Mountain bike trails in Vernon State Forest explore open forest and woodlands. Photo credit: Greg Boehme, Queensland Government

Things to do

    Vernon State Forest provides a variety of riding experiences on the Toogoom mountain bike trail and the Takura Trail for trail bike riders and mountain bike riders.

    The Toogoom mountain bike trails have been specifically developed, in partnership Fraser Coast Mountain Bike Club, to meet national standards for mountain bike riders.

    A special permit is not required for recreational activities in the forest unless activities are a commercial activity or an organised event (including competitive events).

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is not permitted in Vernon State Forest. The nearest Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) camping experiences are at Wongi Waterholes and K’Gari (Fraser Island), Great Sandy National Park.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation, including caravan and camping areas, provided throughout the local area from Hervey Bay to Burrum Heads.

    For more information see the tourism information links.

    Mountain-bike riding and trail-bike riding

    Mountain bike rider happily riding down a forest trail.

    Riders can choose from a variety of trails with differing features.

    Photo credit: Michelle Wright

    Toogoom mountain-bike trails

    Get on your mountain bike and ride over forested hillsides and through open woodlands.

    Follow the signs and watch out for other bike riders, walkers, runners and wildlife.

    The Toogoom mountian-bike trails range in difficulty from easy to difficult. Use the trail classification descriptions to choose rides suitable for your ability and fitness level.

    Read information about safety and looking after the forest.

    Trail nameDistance Traffic flowClassification
    Information about Toogoom mountain bike trails
    Trail 1
    Joey trail
    675m One-way circuit Easy
    Trail 2
    Sidewinder trail
    450m Two-way Easy

    Trail 3
    Snakes and ladders trail

    1.4km Two-way Easy

    Trail 4
    Move on up trail

    225m One-way only Easy
    Trail 5
    Link trail
    333m Two-way Easy
    Trail 6
    Up the guts trail
    900m (Easy grade to Joey trail junction)


    Trail 7
    Outer limits trail
    3.6km (Easy grade clockwise to Glass trail junction) Two-way circuit Intermediate
    Trail 8
    Downhill madness trail
    700m One-way only Intermediate
    Trail 9
    Glass trail
    650m One-way only Intermediate
    Trail 10
    Krankshaft trail

    One-way only

    Trail 11
    Kamikaze trail
    600m One-way only Intermediate
    Skills park

    An area for experienced riders to test their skills.

    Two-way Difficult

    Walkers beware! These trails are purpose-built for mountain bike riding only. Walkers and runners who choose to use these trails do so at their own risk. The trails are narrow and rough in places. Bike riders may approach at speed from either direction—give way to them at all times.

    Horses and trail bikes are prohibited on mountain bike trails.

    Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility. Read essential information about riding safely and caring for the forest.

    Takura trail—trail bikes and mountain bikes

    Get on your mountain bike or trail bike and enjoy winding your way through sun-dappled forest and woodland on the Takura trail.

    Follow the signs on the three marked loops.

    Watch out for and be considerate of other trail users and wildlife. Be aware that you may encounter runners and walkers.

    The Takura trails have marked meeting points for emergency services. Keep track of where you are going in case you need to re-trace your route or provide location details in an emergency.

    Mountain bike riders

    This trail is not recommended for beginners or bicycles without suspension. This trail is generally technical in nature and requires a reasonable level of skill.

    Trail bike riders

    You must be licensed and using road-registered vehicles. Queensland road rules apply. Penalties apply:

    • Unlicensed riders and unaccompanied learner licence holders are not permitted.
    • Unregistered vehicles or recreation-registered vehicles are not permitted.

    Trail bikes are only permitted on the four-wheel drive road and the Takura trail. It is illegal to ride trail bikes off-track, on non-motorised link trails or in restricted areas such as management firebreaks, and power easements, or areas signed as ‘closed’, ‘entry prohibited’ or ‘restricted access’.

    Read information about safety and looking after the forest.

    Four-wheel driving

    Vernon State Forest has one four-wheel drive road through the forest from the shared Takura trailhead near Toogoom Cane Road through to Toogoom Road, via the Takura towers.

    Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound—carry essential spares, water, tyre gauge, and air pump.

    Drivers must be licensed and using road-registered vehicles. Queensland road rules apply for all motorised vehicle use. Penalties apply:

    • Unlicensed drivers and unaccompanied learner licence holders are not permitted.
    • Unregistered vehicles or recreation-registered vehicles are not permitted.

    Vehicle use within the state forest is restricted to protect the forest and for the safety of other visitors.
    Be aware that you share the road with other drivers, motorbike riders, mountain bike riders, walkers, runners, horse riders and wildlife.

    • Drive only on the clearly signed four-wheel drive road. It is illegal to drive on other tracks and off-road in the state forest.
    • Do not access this road in wet conditions.
    • Obey speed limits and road rules. All normal road rules apply on forest tracks and roads.
    • Look out for and obey regulatory, danger and closure signs. Penalties apply for ignoring signage.
    • Slow down—allow time to react to unexpected situations and changed conditions.

    Report damage or safety issues

    Significant environmental damage has been caused in the past in Vernon State Forest by four-wheel drive vehicles being used off-road, driving over native vegetation, creating erosion gullies and driving on management firebreaks and powerline easements.

    If you observe vehicles entering restricted areas or damaging the environment you can report it to park managers. If you have concerns over any possible illegal behaviour by motorists, please contact Police Link on 131 444.

    Horse riding

    Horse riding is permitted on the four-wheel drive track and fire management trails.

    Horse riding is not permitted on any of the bike trails, including the Toogoom mountain bike trails and Takura trail. Be aware that trail bikes use some of the forest trails.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.