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Google reviews for Springbrook National Park

4.8stars, rated out of 5 Write a review

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Aileen Lim
    9 months ago

    Twin falls was gorgeous! I went on the shorter route. Quite a nice walk to go on during cool weather. The walk was quite narrow and isn’t fully paved. Be sure to bring good shoes for walking. Plenty of nice lookouts along the path back. Along the way we saw a snake cross the hiking path. So be careful where you step! The toilets just at the entrance of the trail were pretty clean too :).

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Lorae Gonzales
    6 months ago

    We’ve been here many times we can’t even count ‘em. The beauty never fails to amaze us each time and makes us wants to come back over and over again. We tried coming after a week of non stop rain and the falls is just beautiful. The trail is a bit scary after the rain as it’s slippery and muddy, make sure you gear up. We were caught by the rain in the middle but it was a great experience surrounded by nature.

  • 4stars, rated out of 5 Mohamed Adil
    9 months ago

    Take the walking trail. Stop to see the natural beauty of this place. The flora & fauna is something you don’t get to see elsewhere. Walk down small streams to reach the picture perfect falls. A water fall coming down a skylight like opening in the rocks. Great viewing spots n the way for instagram pictures. Enjoy

  • 5stars, rated out of 5 Andrew McGregor
    8 months ago

    A fabulous sanctuary, so close to the Gold Coast that you can see it from numerous look outs. Be sure to check the status of tracks before you go. I encountered all waterfall trails closed on my visit today. Services are limited - no fuel and only a handful of cafes working post COVID. Bring a picnic.

  • 4stars, rated out of 5 Luke Jones
    6 months ago

    This national park had an excellent track. My friends and I did the twin falls which was a grade 3 walk. The area is well-shaded, cool, has rest rooms at the beginning of the tracks and has leisurely to intermediate moments of exertion required to complete the tracks. The the waterfalls at the end of the twin falls track are a sensory experience with stunning views along the way. Parking is available at the beginning of the tracks as well.

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Photo credit: © Jen Bartlett

Virtual tour - MyRanger app

Discover the beauty and diversity of Springbrook National Park through the virtual ranger guided tours. Get up close and personal with some of the park’s unique animals through the Augmented Reality experiences. It’s like having a personal ranger in the palm of your hand. Photo credit: © Jen Bartlett

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Things to do

    Plan our walk so you can catch as many waterfalls in a day. Water and time have shaped this World Heritage listed park. Warrie circuit, Springbrook.

    Plan our walk so you can catch as many waterfalls in a day. Water and time have shaped this World Heritage listed park. Warrie circuit, Springbrook.

    Photo credit: Cameron Semple

    At any time of the year expect cooler and often wetter conditions, so bring warm clothes and a raincoat!

    At any time of the year expect cooler and often wetter conditions, so bring warm clothes and a raincoat!

    Photo credit: Adam Creed, Queensland Government

    Take in the breath-taking views of Mount Warning from Best of All lookout.

    Take in the breath-taking views of Mount Warning from Best of All lookout.

    Photo credit: Maxime Coquard, Queensland Government

    Watch erosion as it happens from the viewing platform along the Cougal cascades track. Remember to remain behind the barriers.

    Watch erosion as it happens from the viewing platform along the Cougal cascades track. Remember to remain behind the barriers.

    Photo credit: Lightcapturer, Queensland Government

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is available at The Settlement camping area on Springbrook plateau. Camping permits must be booked in advance, online or by phone. Fees apply.

    Camping is not permitted anywhere else in Springbrook National Park other than at The Settlement camping area.

    View the Camping information.

    Other accommodation

    There are several privately-run campgrounds, guesthouse, lodges and bed and breakfasts within a short distance of Springbrook National Park. For more information see the tourism information links below.

    Walking tracks

    Springbrook National Park offers a wide range of walking opportunities ranging from 300m to 54km in length.

    The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk can either start or finishes at The Settlement camping area. If you are interested in undertaking this 54km walk, please read the walk's details so you can better plan your Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

    View the Journeys information for walking track details.

    Guided tours and walks

    A number of commercial operators conduct night tours to Natural Bridge section of Springbrook National Park to view the glow-worms. You can discover the glow-worms at night without joining a tour but the basic cave rules must be followed. For more information see the tourism information links.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    There are several popular picnic areas. No rubbish bins are provided in Springbrook National Park—please take your rubbish home with you. Electric barbecues are provided throughout the park.

    Springbrook plateau

    All picnic areas on the plateau have toilets and sheltered picnic areas. Springbrook plateau can be cool and rainy at all times of the year so carry a raincoat and warm clothing. Cliffs and waterfalls are spectacular but dangerous features of the park. All creeks on the plateau abruptly become waterfalls.

    Rocks are slippery, even when they appear dry. Keep to walking tracks and supervise children closely—wandering off tracks could be fatal.

    The Gwongorella picnic area map (PDF, 330.8KB) provides details of where to find wheelchair car parking and wheelchair-friendly picnic facilities. Please use car parks provided. If the car park is full, park at The Settlement picnic area (PDF, 248.2KB) and access the Gwongorella picnic area via a short walking track. There is no wheel-chair parking at this location.

    The Settlement picnic area, located opposite The Settlement camping area, features a large, flat grassed area suitable for large group activities. If you are planning to conduct a non-commercial organised activity in the park, you may need an organised event permit.

    Natural Bridge section

    A sheltered picnic table and toilets are provided. Water is not suitable for drinking.

    Part of Cave Creek within the park has been declared a restricted access area. Access to the creek, including within the cave, and creek bank is prohibited.

    If you are looking for a place to swim or picnic, visit Bochow Park, a City of Gold Coast Council park, 4km north of Natural Bridge. This park has easy access to the Nerang River. Before entering the water please be aware that there are many hazards in natural waterways—serious injury or death can result from people diving or jumping into pools, lakes and rivers.

    A public telephone is available further north along the Nerang–Murwillumbah Road and adjacent the Numinbah Valley Hall. Cafes are located to the north of the park on Nerang-Murwillumbah Road as well as at Crystal Creek or Chillingham located south of the park in New South Wales.

    Mount Cougal section

    The small picnic area is located adjacent to the car park and beside the walking track entrance. Picnic tables and toilets are provided. Water is available for washing only—it is not suitable for drinking. No barbecues are provided.

    Viewing wildlife

    Subtropical rainforest, ancient Antarctic beech, hoop pines, eucalypt forest and montane heath habitats shelter an incredible variety of wildlife. More than 100 bird species live in the park. The elusive Albert's lyrebird, more often heard than seen, is part of an ancient, unique bird group that probably evolved when flowering plants began to dominate the landscape. In the winter months its vibrant composite call can be heard from the depths of the valleys. Springbrook provides an important refuge for this species of songbird.

    The most frequently seen reptiles are prehistoric-looking lace monitors, glossy black skinks known as land mullets, and sleepy carpet pythons.

    The abundance of water in the park has resulted in a diverse selection of water-dwelling animals. Frogs are the most vocal, blue spiny crayfish the most colourful and eels the most surprising. Orange-eyed treefrogs Litoria chloris and large, beige-coloured great barred-frogs Mixophyes fasciolatus are often seen on the tracks at night.

    Other rare and threatened animals such as the Richmond birdwing butterfly rely on Springbrook and Numinbah's forests for their survival.


    Guided by the horseriding strategic framework, horseriding is permitted on specific forest trails in the Numinbah section of Springbrook National Park.

    Help protect the park environment of Springbrook National Park by adopting a minimal impact approach to horseriding.

    • Stay safe by following the horseriding safety guidelines and the give-way code for shared trails.

    MyRanger mobile app

    Why not add to your visit by downloading the MyRanger mobile app. It provides information about the park and its wildlife, interactive maps, and virtual guided tours led by the local rangers, it’s like having a local park ranger in your phone!

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.