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  • 5 Bruce Bradford
    a month ago

    Best little walk around a great waterfall; beautiful coloured cliff faces!

  • 3 Makenzie Towson
    a month ago

    Great outdoor fun for the whole gang, however, a few changes could be implemented to enhance the overall experience 1. Rubbish bins at the car park for that takeaway coffee you grab prior to your journey 2. Direction posts as apposed to maps (as they can get confusing) Otherwise, the views were fantastic. Cheers

  • 5 Pablo Schreyvogel
    a month ago

    It's got a waterfall, it's lush, it's surrounded by green, what's not to love.

  • 5 Loni watt
    a month ago

    So many different view points and look outs, stunning scenery, treks and the freshest air.

  • 5 Sim Bryce
    a month ago

    Took a short picturesque walk to the sawmill from the car park at the end of Currumbin Creek Road. Did some clambering over the rocks in the river. Some people were swimming under the waterfalls, but I thought it too cold for that. Would be lovely in summer though

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Photo credit: © Jen Bartlett

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