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Cobby Cobby Island, Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park. Photo credit: Kerry-Anne Hurren, Queensland Government

About Southern Moreton Bay

    Park features

    Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park was declared in March 2000 and consists of five islands—Willes, Cobby Cobby, Kangaroo, Woogoompah and Coomera—which support over half of the mangroves in Moreton Bay. These mangrove and tidal flats provide extensive habitat for fish, birds, shellfish, dugongs and turtles.

    Both Woogoompah and Coomera islands were used for grazing cattle and pigs in the past. The remains of cattle yards, a water well and cattle-loading ramp are still visible at Woogoompah Island. A shallow, brackish lagoon system in the centre of Coomera Island is surrounded by areas that have been cleared or ringbarked, probably during the cattle grazing days.

    Cobby Cobby Island is the smallest of all the islands in the national park and is south of Russell Island. At low tide a small beach on the northern side provides a good spot for a picnic. On Kangaroo Island, a small beach surrounded by casuarinas is also exposed at low tide.

    Both Willes and Cobby Cobby islands are surrounded by marine national park (green) zone, which is a no-take area of high conservation value.

    Looking after the park

    • Everything in the park is protected—leave everything as you found it.
    • Leave pets at home—domestic animals are not permitted in the national park.
    • Take rubbish home as bins are not provided.
    • Toilets are not provided. Bury human waste and toilet paper at least 15 cm deep and 100 m from any water bodies to guard against pollution and the spread of disease.
    • Avoid the spread of weeds. Regularly check your footwear and clothing for seeds. Remove, wrap and place seeds in your rubbish.
    • The use of firearms is not permitted in national parks.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park comprises five islands—Willes, Cobby Cobby, Kangaroo, Woogoompah and Coomera—with a total area greater than 1500 ha. The islands are surrounded by conservation and marine national park zones within the Moreton Bay Marine Park. The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service manage the islands for the conservation of our natural environment.

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