Scenic Rim Trail, Main Range National Park Brisbane | Southern Queensland Country

It can be misty in the mountains, but clear days give stunning views. Photo credit: Karen Smith © Queensland Government

Camping on the Scenic Rim Trail

Image of tents in the mountains surrounded by towering trees. Open larger image

Camp in the mountains surrounded by towering trees.

Photo credit: © Lise Pedersen

Three small walkers camps are provided exclusively for walkers on the Scenic Rim Trail. You can stay at each camping area for a maximum of 1 night only. To help minimise impact and ensure a remote walking experience, a maximum group size of 4 persons applies.

  • Camping permits are required and fees apply.
  • A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your cam site
  • Book your camp sites online or see camping bookings for other options.

Camping bookings are not for the individual camping areas, but for the Scenic Rim Trail as a whole. This means that when you book to camp on the Scenic Rim Trail you automatically book all 3 camping areas, in consecutive order from north to south, for 1 night each. Each day you must move on to the next walkers camp.

Purchase camping permits well in advance to avoid disappointment. If you change your plans and are no longer hiking the trail, please ensure you cancel bookings. Information on cancellations assists in emergencies such as bad weather and wildfires, and allows other hikers the opportunity to experience the trail. Please ensure you supply relevant contact details when you book.

Commercial users and larger organised groups will need to obtain either an organised event or commercial activity permit.

Read more about staying safe and walking with care.

Scenic Rim Trail

The 47km Scenic Rim Trail has three walkers camps. The camps are described here in north to south order—the order in which you must stay.

Image of Banshee walkers camp which has elevated camping platforms.Open larger image

Banshee walkers camp has elevated camping platforms.

Photo credit: © Lise Pedersen

Park-specific conditions

  • Open camp fires and cooking fires are not allowed.
  • Maximum group size is 4 persons.
  • A maximum stay of 1 night is permitted at each walkers camp.

See before you visit for essentials to bring.

Other accommodation

For details on guided Scenic Rim Trail experiences where you don’t have to sleep under the stars visit

  • Information about the walkers camps available for booking as part of the Scenic Rim Trail.

    • Tent camping
    • No caravan camping
    • No camper trailer camping
    • No campfires
    • Toilets
    • No showers
    • No barbecue
    • No picnic tables
    • No wheelchair access
    • No generators allowed
    • No dogs permitted

  • There are currently no park alerts for this park.