Samford Conservation Park Brisbane

Ironbark Gully picnic area. Photo credit: James Fitzpatrick ©️ Queensland Government

Visiting Samford safely

    Getting there and getting around

    Samford Conservation Park is located 20km north-west of Brisbane’s CBD, off Samford Road.

    Wheelchair accessibility

    The Ironbark Gully picnic area is wheelchair accessible.

    Staying safe

    • For your safety stay on existing tracks and roads.
    • Ensure you have drinking water, sturdy footwear and sun protection.
    • Plan to complete your walk and/or ride well before dark.
    • Reduce theft by removing valuables from your vehicle and taking them with you.
    • Take care near fire. Supervise children and always extinguish with water, not sand or dirt.
    • Wear sunscreen, a hat and long-sleeved shirt, even on cloudy days.
    • Wear protective clothing and insect repellent to help prevent tick and other insect bites or stings.
    • Detour around snakes, never provoke them.

    In an emergency

    In case of an accident or other emergency please:

    • Call Triple Zero (000).
    • Call 106 for a text-only message for deaf or speech or hearing impaired callers.
    • Advise emergency services of your location and the nature of your emergency, and stay on the phone until you are told to hang up.

    For more information, read the guidelines on safety in parks and forests.

    Before you visit

    Essentials to bring

    • Wear sturdy shoes and take drinking water when walking.
    • There are no bins provided, so please take rubbish bags with you and ensure all rubbish is removed from the park.
    • Wear protective clothing, a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent for protection from the sun and biting insects.
    • Pick up after your dog—bring disposable bags to collect your dog's droppings.

    Opening hours

    Samford Conservation Park is open 24 hours. For your safety, walk and ride in daylight hours only. Remember, camping is not permitted in the park.


    Dogs are allowed in the day-use area, on designated walking tracks, and along the shared trails (for walkers, horseriders and mountain bikes). Dogs and walkers are not permitted on the designated mountain-bike only trails.

    Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. Dog faeces must be bagged immediately and removed from the park.

    Horses are permitted on the shared trails (for walkers, horseriders and mountain bikes). They are not permitted in the picnic area, on designated walking tracks, or on the mountain-bike only trails.

    All other domestic animals are prohibited in the park.

    Climate and weather

    Samford Conservation Park enjoys a mild, subtropical climate. The average daily temperature range in Brisbane is 22–30 °C in summer and 12–22 °C in winter. For more information see the tourism information links.