Samford Conservation Park Brisbane

Ironbark Gully picnic area. Photo credit: James Fitzpatrick ©️ Queensland Government

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There’s no need to feel like you’re stuck in the city with nowhere to go this weekend! Photo credit: © Queensland Government

Things to do

    Enjoy a barbecue or picnic at Ironbark Gully picnic area.
    Enjoy a barbecue or picnic at Ironbark Gully picnic area.

    Photo credit: James Fitzpatrick, Queensland Government

    Look for wildflowers, like this grassy-leaved trigger-flower Stylidium graminfolium, when exploring Samford Conservation Park.
    Look for wildflowers, like this grassy-leaved trigger-flower Stylidium graminfolium, when exploring Samford Conservation Park.

    Photo credit: Ian Witheyman, Queensland Government

    Narrow-leaved red ironbark Eucalyptus crebra.
    Narrow-leaved red ironbark Eucalyptus crebra.

    Photo credit: courtesy of Janis Cossill

    Joseph's coat moth Agarista agricola.
    Joseph's coat moth Agarista agricola.

    Photo credit: courtesy of Garry Sheehy

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is not permitted in Samford Conservation Park.

    Camping is available at nearby D’Aguilar National Park. Camping permits are required and must be booked in advance. Fees apply.

    Other accommodation

    A range of accommodation is available in and around Brisbane.

    For more information see the tourism information links.


    Key to track standards

    Class 3 walking trackGrade 3 track

    • Suitable for most ages and fitness levels.
    • Some bushwalking experience recommended.
    • Tracks may have short, steep hill sections and a rough surface.

    Class 3 walking trackCrebra circuit (Grade 3)

    Distance: 900m
    Time: allow 35min
    Details: This circuit walk begins at the picnic area and meanders through ironbark and spotted gum forest. While walking, look and listen for wildlife feeding on the flowers and leaves of the ironbark trees.

    Walkers are also able to explore the network of shared trails throughout the conservation park unless otherwise signed. Walkers share these trails with horseriders and mountain bikers.


    Horses may be ridden on all shared recreational trails in Samford Conservation Park unless otherwise signed. Horseriders are not permitted to ride on the designated mountain bike trails or designated walking tracks.

    When using these shared trails, pedestrians and cyclists must give way to horseriders using the same tracks and alert others when approaching them.

    To help reduce your impact on our natural areas, please observe the following code of conduct:

    • Do not allow horses to enter or remain in or near natural watercourses.
    • Ride only on formed roads and trails designated for riding. Do not take shortcuts.
    • Do not allow horses to remain in the park overnight.
    • Avoid spreading weeds—ensure horses’ coats, hooves and equipment are free of seeds and that horses don’t feed on invasive species 48 hours before park visits.
    • Minimise damage to vegetation. Do not allow horses to graze on any vegetation while in the park.

    For more information about horseriding in protected areas, or to access a map, visit the SEQ horseriding trail network page.

    Mountain-bike riding

    Mountain bikers are permitted on all shared trails in Samford Conservation Park. When using these shared trails, cyclists must give way to pedestrians and horses using the same trails and alert others when approaching them.

    There are also eight mountain bike only trails within the conservation park and a purpose-built mountain bike warm-up area at Lomandra. See the table below for more information and refer to the Samford Conservation Park map (PDF, 376.5KB) for the trail locations.

    Mountain bike trail classification descriptions
    Easy mountain bike trailEasyWide trail, gentle gradient, some obstacles. For beginner mountain bikers with basic mountain-bike skills.
    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediateModerate gradients, obstacles and some steep sections. For skilled mountain bikers.
    Difficult mountain bike trailDifficultFor experienced mountain bikers. Challenging trail. Large, unavoidable obstacles and features. Long steep climbs or descents and loose surfaces.

    Mountain bike trails (horses and walkers prohibited)

    Mountain bike trail distances are one-way.

    Trail 1


    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 700mAllow 4min

    Pipeline is a relatively flat, contouring trail making it suitable for less experienced riders.

    Trail 2

    Water tank

    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 423mAllow 2min

    Water tank is a relatively flat, contouring trail making it suitable for less experienced riders.

    Trail 3

    Fitness trail

    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 730mAllow 5min

    Fitness trail is an undulating, traversing trail that requires moderate fitness levels to climb the ascents.

    Trail 4


    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 893mAllow 6min

    Lorikeet is best ridden from north to south (downhill direction) starting from Three Ways Road entrance. The trail is fast and rocky, so control your speed when descending.

    Trail 5


    Difficult mountain bike trailDifficult 1.2kmAllow 8min

    Sunset trail has natural features and berms. Best ridden from west to east in a downhill direction.

    Trail 6

    Bergin Creek trail

    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 143mAllow 2min

    Bergin Creek trail is a very short link that connects Bergin Creek Road entrance with Bergin Creek Break.

    Trail 7


    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.46kmAllow 15min

    Bandicoot trail contours along the edge of a hill, featuring a natural rock garden. Links onto Sunset trail (trail 5).

    Trail 8


    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.7kmAllow 15min

    Kombi trail provides good views through open forest, across the undulating landscape. Kombi is best ridden in a downhill direction from Sewer Road to Lomandra trail head.

    Trail 9

    West link

    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 240mAllow 2min

    West link trail provides a link from the Lomandra warm-up track to PMG Road break.

    Trail 10

    East link

    Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 230mAllow 2min

    East link trail links the Lomandra warm-up area to Lomandra break and the shared trail network.


    Suggested loops

    For best access to the mountain-bike trail network, follow trail 10 (East link) from the Lomandra warm-up area and then left onto Lomandra Road. Follow the shared trail to the left for a gentle uphill ride to the junction of Three Ways Road. From here choose between three popular rides that return to Lomandra.

    From the Three Ways Road:

    • Loop 1—turn left onto Sewer Road and then left to follow Trail 8 (Kombi).
    • Loop 2—left onto Sewer Road, then left to follow Trail 7 (Bandicoot) and then onto Trail 5 (Sunset).
    • Loop 3—turn right to follow Trail 4 (Lorikeet).

    Other designated mountain bike and shared trails can also be found close by at Bunyaville Conservation Park. Ride or drive the short distance from Samford Conservation Park to Bunyaville Conservation Park as shown on the locality map (PDF, 253.7KB) .

    D’Aguilar National Park and sections of Daisy Hill Conservation Park (part of the Koala Bushland Coordinated Conservation Area) also have shared trails and designated mountain bike trails; many of the trails in these areas have large hill climbs and require a higher level of fitness.

    Follow the give-way code

    Give way sign
    • Cyclists must give way to walkers and horseriders, and alert others when approaching them.
    • Walkers must give way to horses.

    Ride safely

    • Always wear a helmet.
    • Plan ahead. Ride within your ability and according to track conditions.
    • Slow down and consider other track users.
    • Avoid riding in large groups.
    • Never begin a ride if you can see smoke in the park; bushfires can spread quickly.
    • Do not ride after heavy or prolonged rain; gullies and creek lines may be flooded.
    • Avoid riding on soft, wet and muddy tracks.
    • Ride only on formed roads and tracks. Do not take shortcuts or form new tracks as this damages the environment and causes erosion.
    • Respect areas closed to riding.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    Enjoy a picnic or barbecue in the Ironbark Gully picnic area. Wood barbecues, picnic tables and toilets are provided. Bring your own clean-milled wood, such as untreated mill cut-offs.

    Viewing wildlife

    The nectar-rich, creamy-white flowers of the narrow-leaved red ironbark Eucalyptus crebra provide a feast for lorikeets, rosellas, powerful owls, flying-foxes and koalas. You might also see the stunning Joseph’s coat moth Agarista agricola out during the day, displaying its amazing colours. Samford Conservation Park is also home to brushtail possums and many other mammals, reptiles and birds.