Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL) Tropical North Queensland

Spend your days soaking up the solitude. Photo credit: Doug Davidson © Queensland Government

Magnificent weeping paperbarks line the river at Kalpower crossing. Photo credit: © John Augusteyn

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Explore the landscapes and legends of Cape York Peninsula, one of Australia’s ‘last frontiers’, on a 4WD wilderness adventure of a lifetime! Photo credit: © Queensland Government

Brown Creek camping area

Make this camping area your Rinyirru base, high on a bank at the junction of Brown Creek and the Bizant River.

Accessible by

  • 4WD

Camping area facilities

  • Campfires allowed (conditions apply)
  • Generators allowed (conditions apply)
  • Tent camping
  • Camper trailer camping
  • Tent camping beside car
  • Scenic drive
  • Boating
  • Fishing

The self-service kiosk at this park has been decommissioned.

Visitors need to book their camping permit before they visit. Book online, at an over-the-counter booking office or by phone.

This open and sunny camping area has lovely views over the waterways and surrounding floodplain.

Take your boat to the nearby Bizant River boat ramp and spend the day fishing and sightseeing in Brown Creek, Bizant River and Princess Charlotte Bay.

Critically endangered Bizant River sharks, or speartooth sharks, are found in the Bizant River. Very little is known about this species, but they are susceptible to line fishing, gill netting and habitat destruction. Take care if you happen to hook one and return it unharmed to the water.

Once the sun sets, sit around a camp fire swapping fishing stories and listening to the sounds of the night.

Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL) is jointly managed by the Rinyirru (Lakefield) Aboriginal Corporation and the Queensland Government.

Getting there and getting around

Brown Creek camping area is in the northern part of Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL), 340km north-west of Cairns, and 140km west of Cooktown, on southern Cape York Peninsula.

  • The camping area is north of the Hann Crossing, on the junction of Brown Creek and Bizant River.
  • You need a 4WD to access the park and camping area.
  • Read 4WD with care for important information on 4WD safety and minimal impact driving.

From the north

  • Take the Lakefield turn-off at the Musgrave Roadhouse on the Peninsula Developmental Road and drive 38km east on Marina Plains Road to the park.
  • Continue 46km through the park to the Hann Crossing.
  • Turn left and drive another 26km north to the camping area.

From the south

  • Drive 2km north past Laura on the Peninsula Developmental Road and take the Lakefield turn-off.
  • Drive 25km to the park.
  • Continue 105km north through the park, past the Lakefield ranger base, to the camping area.

From Cape Melville

  • Drive 70km from Wakooka in Cape Melville National Park to Kalpowar on the eastern boundary of Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL).
  • Continue 1km to Lakefield Road.
  • Turn right and drive a further 45km north to the camping area.

For tourism information for all regions in Queensland, see Queensland.com, and for friendly advice on how to get there, where to stay and what to do, find your closest accredited visitor information centre.

Before you visit

Seasonal closures

Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL) is closed throughout the wet season every year.

  • Camping areas south of Lakefield ranger base are closed from 1 December to 31 May.
  • Camping areas north of the Lakefield ranger base are closed from 1 December to 30 June.
  • These dates vary each year depending on weather and road conditions.
  • Refer to the park map (PDF, 510.3KB) for location of the Lakefield ranger base and camping areas.
Camp site one at Brown Creek camping area.

Camp site one at Brown Creek camping area. Photo: Queensland Government.

Photo credit: Queensland Government

Camping area features

On a high bank at the junction of Brown Creek and Bizant River. It is close to the boat ramp at Bizant River. This camp site is used to access both the Bizant River and Princess Charlotte Bay. The unformed boat ramp is open to the public. Large crocodiles are frequently seen here—be croc wise in croc country.

  • Location: northern part of the park on the junction of Brown Creek and the Bizant River—by road, 26km north-north-east of Hann Crossing and 45km north-north-west of Lakefield ranger base.
  • Map: Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park (CYPAL) northern camping areas map (PDF, 123.8KB)
  • Access: the camp site can be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicle only. It is not accessible for caravans, campervans or buses. The road becomes impassable after rain.
  • Boat launching: boat trailer access at nearby Bizant River boat ramp.
  • Number of sites: one numbered site—maximum four cars and trailers (12 people).
  • Camp sites are suitable for: tent camping beside your car and camper trailers.
  • Camp site surface: dirt and grass (seasonal).
  • Shade: nil.
  • Facilities: nil.
  • Open fires: allowed (except when fire bans apply). Fuel stoves are recommended. Do not collect firewood in the park.
  • Generators: only generators operated at less than 65dB(A), when measured 7m from the generator, are permitted, and only between 8.00am and 7.00pm.
  • Essentials to bring: adequate food and drinking water (no fresh water available), rubbish bags, insect repellent, mosquito nets, fuel stove and adequate fuel and spare parts for your vehicle. Read more about before you visit.
  • Bookings: book online, over-the-counter, or by phone prior to arrival. Bookings are essential and should be made well in advance for May to August and the September school holidays.
  • Mobile phone coverage: not available.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Rinyirru (Lakefield) safely and camp with care.