Mount Spec, Paluma Range National Park Townsville

Photo credit: Jodie Bray © Queensland Government

About Mount Spec

    Park features

    Mount Spec, Paluma Range National Park straddles the summit and escarpment of the Paluma Range, rising 1,000m above the Big Crystal Creek floodplain. This is the most southerly national park in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

    Tropical rainforest grows on the cooler mountain tops and in the valleys, while open eucalypt woodland covers the foothills. Casuarinas and paperbarks fringe the creeks in the lower, drier parts of the park. Bloodwoods, ironbarks, poplar gums and cocky apple trees grow here. The park is home to many animals found only in the Wet Tropics.

    Looking after the park

    Parks and forests protect Queensland's natural diversity and scenery. Help keep these places special by following these guidelines.

    • Glass containers are not permitted in some areas as broken glass can cause injuries.
    • Do not chase, scare or feed animals.
    • Never leave food, dirty dishes or bars of soap unattended—Australian brush-turkeys and native giant white-tailed rats are nature’s perfect thieves.
    • Take all rubbish with you, including food scraps.
    • Camp only in designated camping areas.
    • Take care not to pollute fresh water. Do not use soap, shampoo or detergents in or near creeks.
    • Light campfires responsibly using existing fireplaces and do not collect firewood from within the park.
    • Stay on the track—never cut corners or create new tracks.
    • Leave your pets at home. Domestic animals are not permitted in national parks.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    Mount Spec, Paluma Range National Park is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service in collaboration with the Wet Tropics Management Authority, for the purposes of nature conservation and nature-based recreation.

    Tourism information links

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    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.