Noosa National Park Sunshine Coast

Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Tourism and Events Queensland

Walking tracks summary

    Walks in Noosa Headland section

    Explore over 15km of walking tracks marked with colour-coded directional signs. On hot summer days, the Tanglewood Walk and the Palm Grove Walk through rainforest, provide cool alternatives to the beach. The numbers in brackets before the walk name are map (PDF, 233.6KB) references.

    Map ref.TrackGradeDistanceTime
    1 Palm Grove WalkGrade 3 1.1km return allow 15-30mins
    2 Tanglewood WalkGrade 4 8km return
    (Alternatively continue to Hell's Gates and return via the Coastal Walk for a 7.1km circuit)
    allow 2–3hrs
    3 Noosa Hill WalkGrade 4 2.8km return
    (Alternatively, return via a walking track link and the Tangelwood Walk, turning right at the junctions 3.7km circuit)
    allow 1-1.5hours
    4 Coastal WalkGrade 4 10.8km return allow 4 hours
      One way to Boiling Pot Grade 1 300m one way  
      One way to Dolphin Point Grade 3 1.2km one way  
      One way to Hell's Gates Grade 3 2.7km one way  
      One way to the northern end of Alexandria BayGrade 4 3.3km one way  
      One way to southern end of Alexandria Bay Grade 4 4.4km one way  
      One way to Sunshine Beach Grade 4 5.4km one way  
    5 Alexandria Bay WalkGrade 4 4.2km return allow 1hour

    Walks in the Peregian and Emu Mountain section

    Map ref.TrackGradeDistanceTime
    1 Hakea Walk Grade 4 2.4km return allow 1hour
    2 Emu Mountain Summit Walk Grade 4 1.1km return allow 45-60mins
    3 Ocean Beach Walk Grade 3 1km return allow 30mins

    Walks in the East Weyba section

    There are no formal walking tracks in the East Weyba section, but there are several kilometres of fire management tracks. Please walk only on the fire management tracks, do not walk off-track at any time as unexploded ammunition can be found in this area. During World War II, this area was a military training ground. The diverse heaths exhibit a kaleidoscope of colour in late winter and spring. This is a great spot for birdwatching so bring your binoculars.

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