Munga-Thirri National Park Outback Queensland

Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

About Munga-Thirri

    Image of Munga-Thirri National Park.

    Munga-Thirri National Park.

    Photo credit: John Augusteyn © Queensland Government

    Park features

    At one million hectares, Munga-Thirri National Park is Queensland's largest protected area. At Poeppels Corner the park meets South Australia and the Northern Territory. The entire Simpson Desert covers more than 17 million hectares of Central Australia.

    Across the Simpson, parallel dunes rising to 30–40m run south-east to north-west, the dominant wind direction when they formed during the Pleistocene epoch about 80,000 years ago. Spaced about 1km apart, dunes can extend 200km.

    Bare windswept crests stand atop slopes secured by spinifex and cane grass. In the easterly and westerly areas of the desert, the flat plains between dunes can be wind-polished gibber pebbles, here at Munga-Thirri the plains are usually shallow sands or mineral encrusted claypans. These plains surprisingly support open shrub lands of acacias, hakeas and grevilleas.

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    Looking after the park

    Everything in Munga-Thirri National Park is protected, including plants, animals and heritage sites and artefacts. Please appreciate, respect and help care for Munga-Thirri's outstanding natural and cultural values by leaving things as you find them, and encouraging others to do the same.

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    Park management

    The department is responsible for managing the Munga-Thirri National Park, which has unique attributes. It is managed to conserve the park's natural condition and protect its cultural resources and values.

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    Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre (details above)

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