Mudlo National Park Sunshine Coast

Strangler fig in Mudlo National Park. Photo credit: Garry King, Queensland Government

Visiting Mudlo safely

    Large hoop pines tower over the forest canopy.

    Large hoop pines tower over the forest canopy.

    Photo credit: Ross Naumann, QPWS Volunteer

    Getting there and getting around

    Mudlo National Park is 8.5km north of Kilkivan township. Drive north from Kilkivan along James and Bridge Streets towards the Showgrounds. Continue along the Mudlo Road to Scrubby Creek day-use area which is provided by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and another 400m to the Gympie Regional Council Mudlo Gap picnic area.

    Wheelchair accessibility

    The Scrubby Creek day-use area has picnic tables that are wheelchair accessible.

    Staying safe

    • Stay on track. Tell a responsible person where you are going and when you should return and it is recommended you walk with at least one other person. Pace yourself and take regular breaks.
    • Supervise children. Natural areas have hazards that children are unfamiliar with, including creeks, cliff edges, stinging plants and wildlife.
      Be prepared for your walk, especially in hot weather. Wear a hat and sunscreen, carry sufficient water, and allow adequate time to complete the walk in daylight hours. Suitable, sturdy footwear is recommended.
    • Sheer cliffs and slippery rocks can be hazardous. Always supervise children, keep to the walking tracks, stay behind safety fences and follow all warning signs to avoid tragedy.
    • Carry a first-aid kit—and know how to use it. Use repellent on exposed skin and shoes to discourage mosquitoes, leeches and ticks. Remove ticks immediately.
    • Human food is not for wildlife—it can cause overpopulation, illness and aggressive behaviour.
    • Check Park alerts for current warnings or closures. Closures can occur during severe wet weather, during high winds and for fire management. For your safety, do not enter the park when closure signs are displayed.

    In an emergency

    In case of accident or other emergency please:

    • call Triple Zero (000)
    • advise the location and nature of the emergency
    • stay on the phone until you are told to hang up.

    The nearest hospital is at Gympie.

    Mobile phone coverage is not reliable in Mudlo National Park.

    For more information about staying safe while visiting national parks, please read the guidelines on safety in parks and forests.

    Before you visit

    Essentials to bring

    Be prepared and use sound judgment while visiting and walking in national parks.

    • Carry sufficient food and water for your trip.
    • Always pack a first-aid kit. Learn how to use it.
    • Wear sunscreen, insect repellent, hat and pack raincoat.
    • Wear sensible footwear and suitable clothing.
    • Rubbish bins are not provided. Please take all rubbish with you when you leave.
    • Preferably bring and use fuel or gas stoves. If you do wish to use the barbecues provided, bring your own clean, milled firewood, as it is illegal to collect firewood from the forest.
    • Bring your camera and binoculars for viewing wildlife.

    Opening Hours

    Mudlo National Park is open 24 hours a day. For your safety, walk in daylight hours only.


    Domestic animals are not permitted in Mudlo National Park.

    Climate and weather

    The Kilkivan area enjoys a subtropical climate with a dry winter. The average daily temperature range is 19°C to 32°C in summer and 6°C to 23°C in winter.

    For more information see the tourism information links.

    Fuel and supplies

    The nearest fuel and supplies are available at Kilkivan.

    For more information see tourism information links.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.