Mount Cook National Park Tropical North Queensland

Photo credit: Adam Creed © Queensland Government

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About Mount Cook

    Park features

    Mount Cook National Park is approximately 508ha and provides a scenic mountain backdrop to the township. The park extends from the sea westward for several kilometres.

    Rainforest and tropical woodland with a heath understorey cover the mountain’s upper slopes and sheltered gullies while grasslands grow on the southern slopes.

    Lieutenant Phillip Parker King named Mount Cook in June 1819 during his circumnavigation of Northern Australia. Unbeknown to King, Lieutenant James Cook had already identified the mountain as Gores Mount after Lieutenant John Gore, his third Lieutenant. The name Mount Cook took hold and, sadly for John Gore, the title Gores Mount was forgotten.

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    Looking after the park

    • Everything in the park, living or dead, is protected. Please leave everything as you found it.
    • Feeding wildlife is prohibited—it can affect their health and alter the natural population.
    • Domestic animals are prohibited in national parks.
    • Please take rubbish with you when you leave the park.

    Park management

    Mount Cook National Park is managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service for recreation and to protect the area’s natural and cultural values.

    Mount Cook National Park was first gazetted in December 1970.

    Tourism information links

    Nature's Powerhouse Visitor Information Centre
    Cooktown Botanic Gardens, Cooktown QLD 4895
    ph 07 4069 5444

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    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.