Mount Archer National Park Capricorn

Open eucalypt forest dominates the elevated areas of Mount Archer National Park. Photo credit: Bryce Millar © Queensland Government

Things to do

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is not permitted in Mount Archer National Park.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation in and around Rockhampton. For more information refer to the tourism information links.


    Explore Mount Archer's summit on the Nurim circuit elevated boardwalk and the Grasstree lookout walk at Fraser Park, managed by the Rockhampton Regional Council. The Zamia walk is the perfect way to experience Mount Archer National Park. You can choose a short or longer return walk, or the invigorating 13.9km one-way hike through the national park.

    Walks within Rockhampton Regional Council's Fraser Park

    Catch a stunning sunset over Rockhampton from the Nurim circuit elevated boardwalk.

    Catch a stunning sunset over Rockhampton from the Nurim circuit elevated boardwalk.

    Photo credit: © Nathan White Images

    Nurim circuit elevated boardwalk (wheelchair accessible)

    Distance: 500m circuit
    Time: Allow about 20min walking time
    Details: Enjoy spectacular views from the elevated boardwalk west over Rockhampton city and the Fitzroy River, or wander around the Nurim circuit for views east as far as the Capricorn Coast.

    Grasstree lookout

    Grade 3

    Distance: 840m return
    Time: Allow about 30min walking time
    Details: From the Fraser Park amphitheatre, stroll through open forest to Grasstree lookout. Catch panoramas of the Fitzroy River along the way. Enjoy views of the three peaks of Mount Badger, Sleipner and Berserker from the lookout.

    Walks within Mount Archer National Park—Zamia walk

    The Zamia walk has two trailheads. Nurim (Mount Archer) summit trailhead is located in the lofty heights of Nurim at Fraser Park, and the First Turkey trailhead is located in the lowland valley of Mugul (Moores Creek), off German Street .

    Zamia walk from Nurim summit trailhead

    Snap a stunning panorama of the Berserker Range from Sleipner view.Open larger image

    Snap a stunning panorama of the Berserker Range from Sleipner view.

    Photo credit: Bryce Miller © Queensland Government

    Nurim summit to Sleipner

    Grade 3

    Distance: 3.4km return
    Time: Allow about 1hr walking time
    Details: From Nurim summit, the Zamia walk winds down through a landscape of lemon-scented gums, pink bloodwoods and forest she-oaks to Sleipner. On the way, enjoy the cool sea breeze off the Capricorn Coast and a glimpse of the Fitzroy River. From Sleipner there are panoramas of  Waaruin (the Berserker Range) on offer. Remember, the return walk to Nurim summit is uphill and can be a challenge.

    Nurim summit to German Street

    Grade 4

    Distance: 13.9km one-way
    Time: Allow up to 5hrs walking time
    Details: The full Zamia walk is a long descent from the Nurim summit through the national park to the lower exit at First Turkey and German Street.

    From Sleipner, the walk descends steeply through the upper catchments of Mugul passing by closed dry rainforest and vine forest communities. At Mugul, the trail continues downstream past tall river she-oaks and leaning paperbarks. The final section of the trail weaves its way down through open woodlands and follows a series of switchbacks to the First Turkey trailhead. From the trailhead, walk beside the creek via First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve to the carpark at German Street.

    Some trails are built for boots and bikes.

    The last 3km of the Zamia walk to German Street is on the shared trail in the First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve. Be alert for bike riders and walkers approaching from either direction.

    Zamia walk from First Turkey trailhead

    First Turkey Trailhead to Mugul

    Grade 3

    Distance: 12.2km return
    Time: Allow up to 4hrs walking time
    Details: From the trailhead, the 900m of shared trail takes you upslope through open woodland via a series of switchbacks. Beyond the shared trail, the Zamia walk follows gentle slopes and gullies. As the valley narrows, the landscape becomes an open forest of swamp mahogany and blue gums and changes upstream to tall river she-oaks and leaning paperbarks. The walk criss-crosses the creek and enters a closed forest community of rainforest and dense dry vine forest rich with Burdekin plum, tuckeroo trees and twisting vines. Remember, it is an 8.2km walk back to German Street from Mugul.

    First Turkey Trailhead to Nurim summit

    Grade 4

    Distance: 11.8km one-way
    Time: Allow over 5hrs walking time
    Details: From the First Turkey trailhead the Zamia walk is a long ascent through the national park to the lofty heights of Nurim summit. From the lowland valley of Mugul, the trail traverses the ridges and sheltered gullies of Waaruin up to the expansive vistas at Sleipner to finish at the 604m summit of Nurim in Fraser Park.

    We hope you enjoy your time on the Zamia walk. Remember to follow the Parks and forests walk with care guidelines and check park alerts before you visit.

    Picnic and day use areas

    Relax at Fraser Park, on Mount Archer's summit, managed by Rockhampton Regional Council. Enjoy a picnic at the tables provided in the day use area or throw a rug on the grass at the amphitheatre. Drinking water and wheelchair-accessible toilets are provided.

    Viewing wildlife

    Mount Archer is home to a variety of woodland birds including vulnerable powerful owls. Glossy black-cockatoos can be seen feeding on she-oak seeds. Wait quietly, and you may see unadorned rock-wallabies come to drink from Moores Creek in the early morning and late afternoon. Keep alert and remain quiet—you might be surprised by what you find at Mount Archer National Park.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.