Moreton Bay Marine Park Brisbane

Photo credit: Queensland Government

Zoning Plan remake and review

The remade Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2019 came into effect on 1 September 2019. Photo credit: Queensland Government

The 2009 zoning plan process explained

    Moreton Bay Marine Park stretches 125km from Caloundra to the Gold Coast Seaway and covers approximately 3400km2. It is one of Queensland's three large marine parks and is unique in its proximity to an Australian capital city. It supports the social, economic and cultural fabric of South-East Queensland and is a world-class setting for the region's 2.77 million people to enjoy.

    The original Moreton Bay Marine Park Zoning Plan was implemented in 1997. A comprehensive review, as outlined below, was undertaken in 2007/2008, resulting in the Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2008. In 2019 the zoning plan was remade, with the current zoning plan commencing on 1 September 2019. No changes were made to the location of zones, designated areas or entry and use requirements. Find out more about the 2019 zoning plan remake and review process.

    Stages of the 2007/2008 review process

    The aim of the 2007/2008 zoning plan review was to conserve the unique values of Moreton Bay Marine Park and to provide for its sustainable use, now and for the future. The review was a staged process and from the outset there was extensive consultation and negotiation with community groups, industry organisations and individuals.

    No targets were set for levels of protective zoning (or any other zones) to be achieved in this process. There was no pre-determined outcomes for the process. The draft and final zoning plans were based on the latest available scientific information, and considered all relevant social and economic data.

    Stage 1—Information gathering and data analysis

    The first stage was to gather and analyse information early to mid-2007.

    The knowledge and experience of local communities and the groups that use the marine park was extremely important during the review. Local expertise was used to help verify existing data. Some existing data included habitat types, threatened species, major industries, water quality, recreational fishing, commercial fisheries, tourism, coastal developments and cultural sites.

    During stage one, the community was asked for information relating to how they use and value Moreton Bay Marine Park. A survey was set up on the department website for the community to provide this information. Meetings with key groups and community display days were used to raise awareness of the review and the processes for becoming involved.

    An expert advisory panel convened to provide input and guidance, and ensure the scientific rigour of the review process. This was chaired by Professor Paul Greenfield AO, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Queensland. A stakeholder reference group provided community and industry perspectives with representatives from a wide range of key groups. Both these panels met regularly throughout stage one.

    A draft zoning plan was produced once the full analysis of available information was completed.

    Stage 2—Formal public consultation

    The draft zoning plan was released in late 2007. A formal community consultation phase soon followed, lasting two months. Submissions, which provided details and explanations about why people agree or disagree with particular proposals, were sought.

    During stage two, there was widespread media publicity, invitations to submit comments online or by brochure, distribution of information sheets and face-to-face meetings.

    Ongoing consultation with key user groups occurred throughout stage two. Formal comments received during stage two were collated and analysed to produce the final zoning plan.

    Stage 3—Final zoning plan released

    The final zoning plan was announced in October 2008, and came into effect on 1 March 2009. Please note the Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2019 came into effect on 1 September 2019. The remade Zoning Plan replaces the Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2008 with no changes to the location of zones, designated areas or entry and use requirements. Find out more about the zoning plan remake and review process.