Molle Islands National Park Whitsundays

Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

Visiting Molle Islands safely

    South Molle Island

    Photo credit: Justin Heitman, Queensland Government

    Getting there and getting around

    Molle Islands National Park is just east of Shute Harbour. Access is by private or commercial boat from Airlie Beach or Shute Harbour. Some commercial transfer companies drop off and collect campers, bushwalkers and mountain bike riders. Arrange your passage before booking your camp site. See tourism information links or visit local tourism agents for more information on island transfers.

    If travelling by private vessel, getting to the park can present navigational challenges. Always take the weather and tidal influences into account when boating in the Whitsundays. Ensure you read Planning your trip to the Whitsundays and Getting there and getting around the Whitsundays before your departure.

    Wheelchair accessibility

    There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities at Molle Islands National Park.

    Staying safe

    Parts of Molle Islands National Park can be quite isolated. To enjoy a safe visit, read more about staying safe in national parks of the Whitsundays.

    Before you visit

    Ensure you read before you visit for national parks of the Whitsundays.

    Our precious Great Barrier Reef World Heritage islands are among the most pest-free islands in the world. They need your help to stay this way. Please Be pest-free! (PDF, 573.6KB) before your visit.