Mariala National Park Outback Queensland

Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

Things to do

    Image of a water tank in Mariala.

    Mariala water tank.

    Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

    Camping and accommodation


    Mariala National Park has three camping areas catering for a range of experiences from 2WD access with a caravan to 4WD access with off-road camper trailers. There are no facilities provided on the park, campers must be self-sufficient in food, water and fuel.

    Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation in and around Charleville.

    For more information see the tourism information links.

    The harsh beauty of Mariala favours low-impact nature-based activities, such as nature observation, photography and bushwalking. Birdwatching can be rewarding, with more than 140 different birds recorded in the park.

    Mariala has no visitor facilities or formal walking tracks. Visitors need to be mindful of their safety in this remote park. Take a compass or a GPS unit when exploring as the vegetation is thick and terrain deceptively rugged.

    A natural outlook provides views over the northern part of the park. The rocky ridges and scarps seen from here are favoured habitat for the yellow-footed rock-wallaby.

    Warning: Take care and keep away from cliff edges—they can be deceptive and are often closer than you think. Sandstone may crumble unexpectedly. Please supervise children at all times and take extra care when using binoculars or cameras at these sites.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.