Lockyer National Park Brisbane | Southern Queensland Country

Lockyer National Park is home to the vulnerable brush-tailed rock-wallaby. Photo credit: Dave Kington, Queensland Government

Things to do

    Aerial image of Lockyer National Park which has no formed tracks but offers great remote bushwalking opportunities.

    Lockyer National Park has no formed tracks but offers great remote bushwalking opportunities.

    Photo credit: Dave Kington © Queensland Government

    There are no facilities or formed walking tracks in Lockyer National Park.

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is not permitted in Lockyer National Park.

    Camping is available at nearby Crows Nest National Park and Main Range Conservation Park.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation in and around Gatton.

    For more information, see the tourism information links.


    Lockyer National Park offers some great remote area bushwalking opportunities. The rugged terrain can be hazardous for inexperienced or poorly-prepared walkers. A high level of physical fitness and navigational skills are essential.

    Walkers should familiarise themselves with the area before attempting an extended walk. It is recommended that walkers purchase a topographic map of the area before undertaking any walking.

    Remote area walking is only advised in the cooler weather, usually April to September. Walking during summer can be very hazardous due to high temperatures and lack of available surface water.

    All remote area walkers are expected to follow minimal impact bushwalking practices, such as observing proper sanitation and hygiene methods and avoiding polluting water in any way.

    Be advised that all visitors must obtain permission from landholders before entering surrounding private property.

    4WD and motorbike touring

    Lockyer National Park is a popular area for 4WD and motorbike touring.

    Please be aware of the following when driving or riding in the park:

    • In dry weather only, 4WD vehicles are permitted on Wallers Road from Seventeen Mile Road through to Forestry Road; from Millers Road through to Logans Road; and from Krugers Road through to Millers Road/Redbank Creek Road.
    • All vehicles are strictly prohibited on any side trails from the main formed roads (as listed above).
    • All vehicles—including motorbikes—must be fully registered.
    • Drivers of all vehicles—including motorbikes—must be licensed.

    Please note that roads within the park are unsealed and the following considerations need to be taken:

    • Normal road rules apply. All roads allow two-way traffic.
    • Please obey all signs and notices in the park.
    • Please obey speed limits. The maximum speed limit within the park is 40 km/hr.
      Watch out for the unexpected. Drive slowly to allow time to react to changed road conditions and other park users.
    • Park roads are unsealed with some sharp curves, narrow sections, loose surfaces and steep grades that require careful driving.
    • Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.