Lark Quarry Conservation Park Outback Queensland

Photo credit: © Chris Whitelaw

Be inspired: Dinosaurs and diprotodons—uncover fossil mysteries of the ancient past in Queensland’s Outback

The vast red landscape of western Queensland is a time capsule of our prehistoric past, waiting to be discovered. Photo credit: © Chris Whitelaw

About Lark Quarry

    Park features

    Stampede! Panicked dinosaurs left more than 4000 muddy footprints on the shores of a lake 95 million years ago when a larger dinosaur tromped among them in search of a meal.

    Travel across ancient mesas of jump-up country to the world’s only known dinosaur stampede site. The trackways are protected inside a solar-powered shelter built using ecologically sustainable methods.

    Formed over millions of years, the ancient rocks bearing the stampede have been exposed through erosion causing a striking landscape of jump-up country with flat-topped hills (mesas), gullies, and steep, broken escarpments.

    Learn more about the nature, culture and history of Central West Queensland parks.

    Looking after the park

    Everything in Lark Quarry Conservation Park is protected, including plants, animals and heritage sites and artefacts. Please appreciate, respect and help care for Lark Quarry’s outstanding natural and cultural values by leaving things as you find them, and encouraging others to do the same.

    Please read looking after parks in Central West Queensland.

    Park management

    Lark Quarry is jointly managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Winton Shire Council. The Queensland Museum provides scientific advice on ways to protect the trackways.

    The park’s infrastructure was built using ecologically sustainable design principles and features solar energy, rainwater collection and minimal impact construction methods.

    Tourism information links

    Waltzing Matilda Centre
    (contact for Dinosaur Trackways)
    50 Elderslie Street, Winton
    ph (07) 4657 1466

    Winton Shire Council
    75 Vindex Street, Winton
    ph (07) 4657 2666

    Longreach Regional Council
    96a Eagle Street, Longreach
    ph (07) 4658 4111
    fax (07) 4658 4116

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