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Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL)

Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL). Photo: Tamara Vallance, Queensland Government.Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL). Photo: Tamara Vallance, Queensland Government.


The Aboriginal Traditional Owners for this country are the Lama Lama people. They welcome you to the national park and ask that you take care in their country.


On Cape York Peninsula, about 300 km north-west of Cooktown.

What's special

Queensland's first joinly-managed national park (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal land) features the Annie River system, coastal plains, beach ridges and sandy hills.

Access to the Alingina Wungku Living Area (PDF, 159K) and Goose Swamp and Bull Swamp Area (PDF, 174K) is prohibited to protect cultural resources and property.

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13 January 2014