Lake Eacham, Crater Lakes National Park Tropical North Queensland

Walking tracks through the rainforest provide secluded forest-fringed views of the lake. Photo credit: © Queensland Government

Things to do

    Image of forest-fringed views from the Lake circuit track, Lake Eacham, Queensland.

    Forest-fringed views from the Lake circuit track, Lake Eacham, Queensland.

    Photo credit: © Tourism Queensland

    Image of 2 children having fun on the Lake Eacham children's walk.

    Have fun on the Lake Eacham children's walk.

    Photo credit: © Tamara Vallance

    Image of kayaking on Lake Eacham.

    Kayaking on Lake Eacham.

    Photo credit: © Terry Vallance

    Image of 2 adults swimming. Please use the water access points when entering the water.

    Please use the water access points when entering the water.

    Photo credit: Peter Nieves © Queensland Government

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping, including sleeping in campervans and vehicles, is not permitted within the national park.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation near Lake Eacham and in and around Yungaburra, Malanda and Atherton. For more information see the tourism information links.


    Lake circuit track (easy to moderate)

    Distance: 3km return

    Time: allow 1hr walking time

    Details: A pleasant walk around the lake, this track offers secluded forest-fringed views of the lake and excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife. Read the signs and see the rainforest and its inhabitants through the eyes of the Aboriginal Traditional Owners. Hazards such as exposed rocks and tree roots, obstacles and loose gravel make the track unsuitable for jogging.

    There is a restricted access area (PDF, 186.6KB) between a section of the walking track and the lake. This area is signposted. For your safety, visitors must remain on the formed walking track. Entry to the restricted access area is prohibited.

    Lake Eacham children’s walk (Grade: easy)

    Distance: 1.4km return

    Time: allow 1hr walking time

    Details: Wriggle like a snake, stamp on pests and hunt for dragons on this fun walk through the Lake Eacham rainforest. The track is suitable for prams, but is steep in places.


    Ride through Lake Eacham on Lakes Drive, a sealed bitumen access road. The road is narrow and winding. Expect to share the roads with pedestrians, vehicles and other cyclists.

    Bicycles are not permitted on any of the walking tracks or boardwalks.

    For more information, see cycling.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    Picnic tables, shelters, toilets, and barbecues are provided and two viewing decks offer uninterrupted views of the lake and its inhabitants. Visitors are asked to refrain from feeding the wildlife, including the fish and turtles.

    Canoeing and kayaking

    Non-motorised boats are welcome at Lake Eacham and a boat ramp is provided for easy access. Take care on the ramp—it can be slippery.

    Motorised vessels and motorised recreational craft are prohibited without a permit. This includes (but is not limited to) any motorised boat, jetski, remote control craft and underwater propulsion device.


    Enjoy a cool dip or snorkel the edges of Lake Eacham. Steps, ramps and ladders have been provided. Do not jump or dive from viewing decks, the pontoon, concrete blocks, lake edges or overhanging vegetation. Be aware of submerged objects and other swimmers. Commercial diving is not permitted.


    Fishing, including the use of lines, traps and nets, is prohibited in Lake Eacham. Penalties apply.

    Viewing wildlife

    Wildlife is abundant in and around Lake Eacham and several species are endemic to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Saw-shelled turtles and eastern water dragons are common lake residents while over 180 bird species have been recorded. Musky rat-kangaroos are active during the day and are often seen from the walking track.

    See the description of the park's natural environment for more details about Lake Eacham wildlife.

    Other things to do

    Visit the Rainforest Display Centre at the Trees for the Atherton and Evelyn Tablelands (TREAT) Visitor Centre on McLeish Road. The display describes the clearing of tropical rainforest for timber and agriculture and the partial restoration of the rainforest today—particularly in linking isolated fragments. Four main vegetation restoration projects are showcased, as well as information on the benefits of tree planting and forest restoration, especially along waterways. Find out about the history and goals of TREAT and how the organisation functions alongside Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). The visitor centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm.