Lake Broadwater Conservation Park Southern Queensland Country

Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

About Lake Broadwater

    Park features

    Lake Broadwater, surrounded by cypress pine, eucalypt and brigalow open woodland, is a shallow lake which covers approximately 350ha of the 1,212ha conservation park. It is listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia and is an excellent example of a semi-permanent freshwater lake in an area where these are rare. The lake fills only after heavy rains and, when full, is up to 3—4m deep. It dries out periodically—sometimes for lengthy periods.

    More than 230 species of birds have been recorded at the park. The number and variety are due primarily to the wide range of habitat types; from wetlands to vegetation representative of drier inland regions. It is a valuable breeding ground for waterfowl, including migratory species that have travelled long distances from other parts of Australia and the world.

    The park preserves valuable remnants of the vegetation types which once covered the Western Downs before European settlement. Many are now uncommon elsewhere due to agricultural development. Four hundred and fifty species of plants have been identified in the park, along with at least 30 mammals, 55 reptiles, 22 frogs, numerous fish and a myriad of invertebrates.

    With easy access to water, tracks and recreational facilities, Lake Broadwater is a great spot to relax and to appreciate nature.

    Looking after the park

    By observing these rules you will contribute to the protection and conservation of Lake Broadwater so it may continue to give enjoyment to you and others.

    • All plants, animals and natural and cultural features of the environment are protected. Do not remove living or dead plant material (including fallen timber), animals, rocks or other material.
    • Never gather wood (or even kindling) from the bush. It provides home for wildilfe and nutrients for the soil. Bring your own firewood or use a fuel stove.
    • Take care with fire. If you light a fire, make sure it is out before you leave it. Use water, not sand or dirt, to extinguish the fire. Summer is a high fire risk period.
    • Stay on designated roads and tracks and obey all signs.
    • Never feed or play with native animals. Feeding wildlife upsets the balance of nature and can make animals sick or aggressive towards humans.
    • Protect streams from pollution. Do not use soap or detergent in either the lake or watercourses.
    • Leave pets at home.
    • Be tidy. Please take your rubbish and recyclable waste away for proper disposal.
    • Be considerate of other visitors.

    See Caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Western Downs Regional Council is trustee of the Lake Broadwater Conservation Park and manages the lake and facilities on a day-to-day basis.

    Lake Broadwater Conservation Park is managed primarily to protect its natural values as an important habitat for a large diversity of bird species and other animal and plant life while, at the same time, providing a range of recreational opportunities for visitors.

    Tourism information links

    Dalby Visitor Information Centre
    Thomas Jack Park
    Cnr Drayton & Condamine Sts, Dalby Qld, 4405
    ph (07) 4679 4461 

    For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.

    Further information

    The Caretaker
    Lake Broadwater Conservation Park
    Lake Broadwater Road, Dalby Qld, 4405
    ph: 0428 229 282

    Western Downs Regional Council
    PO Box 551, Dalby Qld, 4405
    ph: 1300 268 624
    Dalby Customer Service Centre
    30 Marble Street, Dalby
    ph: (07) 4679 4000

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