Lake Barrine, Crater Lakes National Park Tropical North Queensland

Take your canoe and kayak for a majestic paddle along the edge of the lake. Photo credit: © Tourism Tropical North Qld

About Lake Barrine

    Park features

    In geological terms Lake Barrine is a volcanic maar, surrounded by rainforest. The deep waters of the lake and the pleasant coolness of the Atherton Tableland have combined to make Lake Barrine a popular stop for visitors to the area. The track around the lake allows for forest-fringed, secluded views of the lake and excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife.

    A pair of towering bull kauri pine trees, over 45m tall, is a feature of the park.

    Lake cruises operate from the privately-owned Lake Barrine Teahouse. The gentle boat trip gives a different perspective on the lake and its wildlife. The privately-owned teahouse offers meals with relaxed views over the water.

    Looking after the park

    • Bins are not provided. Please be responsible for your own rubbish.
    • Never feed wildlife (including fish, eels and waterbirds) as it can affect their health and alter the natural population balance. You may also get bitten or scratched.
    • Fishing, including the use of lines, traps and nets, is prohibited in Lake Barrine.
    • Camping, including sleeping in campervans and vehicles, is not permitted in Crater Lakes National Park.
    • Domestic animals are prohibited in national parks.
    • Bicycles are not allowed on walking tracks.
    • Cassowaries are occasionally seen at Lake Barrine. They are potentially dangerous. Avoid unnecessary risks and help protect these endangered animals by following these guidelines in cassowary country.
      • Never approach cassowaries.
      • Never approach chicks—male cassowaries will defend them.
      • Never feed cassowaries—it is illegal and dangerous and has caused cassowary deaths.
      • Always discard food scraps in closed bins.
      • Always slow down when driving in cassowary territory.
      • Never stop your vehicle to look at cassowaries on the road.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    Lake Barrine was gazetted a national park in 1934. In 1988 it was included within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and in 1994, joined with Lake Eacham under the one name—Crater Lakes National Park.

    Crater Lakes National Park is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Management of the World Heritage area is coordinated through a partnership between the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, the Traditional Owners and the wider community.

    The teahouse and gardens are on private land.

    Tourism information links

    Atherton Information Centre
    Corner Silo Road and Main Street, Atherton QLD 4883
    ph 1300 366 361

    Malanda Falls Visitor Centre
    132 Malanda-Atherton Road, Malanda QLD 4885
    ph (07) 4089 2583

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