Kroombit Tops National Park Bundaberg | Gladstone | Outback Queensland

Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Tourism and Events Queensland

About Kroombit Tops

    Park features

    Kroombit Tops offers visitors the chance to get back to nature and camp without facilities, away from phones and technology, in small camping areas with fire-rings for a traditional bush cooking experience.

    Take a bushwalk and explore forests on four-wheel-drive roads. Open forests dominated by Sydney blue gum, pink bloodwood and rough-barked apple trees flourish on the park’s eastern slopes. In the wetter south-eastern sandstone country, blackbutt forests dominate, and subtropical rainforests grow around some of the creeks. Many birds and animals in Kroombit Tops National Park are at the northern or southern limit of their distribution and it is the only known home to the endangered Kroombit tinkerfrog.

    See the remains of a WWII Liberator bomber that crashed at Kroombit Tops in 1945 and remained hidden in the forest until it was discovered nearly 50 years later.

    Looking after the park

    Please help protect Kroombit Tops National Park by following these guidelines.

    • Use a portable stove to reduce fire danger and eliminate the need for firewood.
    • Bring your own clean, milled timber for firewood. Collecting wood in national parks is prohibited.
    • Use fire-rings only for campfires. They have been placed so they are clear of surrounding vegetation.
    • Avoid contaminating water. Wash yourself and your cooking utensils at least 50m away from waterways.
    • Bury all toilet waste (and paper) 20cm deep and at least 100m from waterways, tracks and camp sites. Preferably bring a portable toilet to minimise pollution in this area—dispose of toilet waste appropriately.
    • Take all rubbish home. There are no rubbish bins in the park. Never burn or bury it.
    • Avoid feeding native animals as our foods can be harmful to them and you might be bitten or scratched.
    • Check and clean mud and seeds from your shoes, tyres and tents before and after entering parks to help prevent the spread of weeds and the deadly chytrid fungus that kills frogs.
    • Leave Kroombit Tops as you found it. Everything in the park, including all parts of the WWII bomber wreckage, is protected.

    See caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service manages Kroombit Tops National Park for the enjoyment of visitors and the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Read the park’s management statement (PDF, 151.0KB) .

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