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Be Dingo-Safe! on K'gari

The best way to protect yourself, fellow visitors and the dingoes (wongari) is by planning ahead to Be Dingo-Safe.

Critical information for your safety

Critical information for your safety is included in the conditions report—always check it before you visit.

Southern remote and South western camping

Southern remote camping

The Coolooloi Creek camping area is accessible by 4WD along the Hook Point inland road—not the beach. The camping area is ideal for the late traveller or those that need to wait for the low tide before traversing the eastern beach. This flat, undeveloped camping area has no facilities, is not fenced, is set among casuarina trees and eucalypt trees and is partially exposed to the cool ocean sea breeze.

South western camping

These 2 remote camping areas along the south-western coastline are quiet and remote—ideal for the 4WD explorer or boat traveller in the Great Sandy Straits. Due to the calmer winds in these sheltered locations, mosquitoes and sandflies are present all year, but especially in warmer, wetter months. There are various low-key camping areas ranging from developed—with limited facilities (toilets, picnic tables)—to undeveloped areas with no facilities.

  • Ungowa camping area - Offers open shady camp sites and defined off-road camper trailer sites set back from the Great Sandy Strait. The area is a fisher’s paradise around sheltered mangroves. For your safety, no pedestrian access is permitted on the old jetty ruins. Ungowa boat ramp is closed to all vessels, vehicles, and pedestrians. Access via boat to facilities is currently unsafe, please observe and obey all signage and do not enter closed areas.

Location: South western side of K'gari, set back from the beach and overlooking the waters of the Great Sandy Straits.

Access: high clearance 4WD only at Ungowa. Boat access only at Garrys Anchorage.

Number of sites: open areas, some set among trees. Ungowa has capacity for 40 campers at any one time and 30 campers at Garrys Anchorage. Garrys Anchorage does not have defined sites. Ungowa has two defined sites for camper trailers but sites are not defined for tents.

Camp sites are suitable for: tent camping, off-road camper trailers (Ungowa only), boat camping (Garrys Anchorage only). Camp site surface: sand, grass.

Facilities: Garrys Anchorage: picnic tables, no other facilities. Ungowa: toilets, cold water washing-up facilities, picnic tables.
The nearest portable toilet waste disposal facility is located at Wanggoolba Creek barge.
The nearest waste transfer stations are on the eastern beach, north of Eurong. (Bins are provided at Central Station camping area.) If camping at Garrys Anchorage, take your waste with you off the island on departure.
The nearest water taps are located at Eurong or Central Station. Ensure you bring your own water provisions when camping at Garrys Anchorage.

Open fires: prohibited—fuel stoves only.

Generators: Permitted at Ungowa and Garrys Anchorage. Restrict generator use to times between 9am and 9pm and only use generators with a sound rating of less than 65 decibels (up to 2.0Kva).

Essentials to bring: portable toilet, fuel or gas stove, first-aid kit, prescription medicines, water containers, rubbish bags, insect repellent, sand pegs, tarpaulins, extra poles, ropes and lockable food storage containers. Smokers should bring small sealable canisters for cigarette butts. Please show you care about camp site hygiene and bring a portable toilet.
Also refer to the Before you visit information.

Bookings: book online or learn about our camping booking options. Advance bookings (up to 6 months) required for holiday periods.

Mobile phone coverage: generally not available.