Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area Sunshine Coast

Pelican Bay camping area. Photo credit: Queensland Government

Soak up a tranquil sunset over Inskip Peninsula. Photo credit: © Ben Blanche

Pelican Bay camping area

There’s something for every camper at this waterfront spot on the western side of the peninsula. With shady and secluded sites this camping area gives you all the benefits of a coastal escape away from the crowds not to mention front row seats to the beach and Great Sandy Marine Park.

Accessible by

  • High clearance 4WD

Camping area facilities

  • Anchoring allowed
  • Campfires allowed (conditions apply)
  • Generators allowed (conditions apply)
  • Camper trailer camping
  • Campervan camping
  • Tent camping beside car
  • Walking
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Dogs permitted (on leash)

With shady and secluded sites this camping area gives you all the benefits of a coastal escape away from the crowds not to mention front row seats to the beach and Great Sandy Marine Park.

During the day explore the area on foot or by boat. Fish the calm bay waters and cook your catch over your camp fire as you watch the sun set.

Pelican Bay is located off Bullock Point Road, just north of the Inskip Point Road turn off.

A small, open camping area is located behind the foredunes and on the beachfront, with no formally defined sites. Coastal trees provide dappled shade in some areas, and camp site surface is sand. Some camp sites offer views across Pelican Bay towards Inskip Peninsula. Other camp sites, a little further inland, provide shelter from the sun and prevailing winds. The beach is a short walk away. Access is 4WD only and suits small groups.

There are no facilities provided in this camping area, mobile phone coverage is intermittent. Dogs are permitted, but must be on a leash and under control at all times.

Why Pelican Bay? Large flocks of pelicans reside in the calm waters of the bay.

Camping area features: Open camping area on the waterfront and foredunes. No formally defined sites.

Please note:

  • Coastal trees provide dappled shade in some areas.
  • Some camp sites provide views across Pelican Bay and towards Inskip Peninsula.
  • Other camp sites, located a little further inland, are more sheltered from the sun and prevailing winds.

Location: Off Bullock Point Road, just north of the Inskip Point turn off.

Also see: Inskip Recreation Area map (PDF, 426.7KB) and Pelican Bay camping area map (PDF, 211.4KB) .

Access: 4WD only on sand tracks, access only off Bullock Point Road, vehicle access permits are not required.

Please note:

  • See the map on the sign at the camping area entrance for access details.
  • Very restricted access for off road camper trailers and campervans. Not suitable for caravans.
  • No vehicle access to or from the beach from within this camping area.

Number of sites: Open area without separately defined sites.

Please note:

  • Occupation of a camp site is on a ‘first in, best placed’ basis.
  • Reserving or roping off areas is not permitted.
  • All structures under a single camping permit must be in one place and no more than 3m apart.
  • Don't spread your camp too far, so others can fit in too; rangers will ask you to move structures that have taken up an unreasonable amount of space.
  • Camping more than 30 days is prohibited.

Camp sites are suitable for: tent camping beside a 4WD vehicle, off road campervans and camper trailers.

Please note:

  • Small camping structures are recommended here.

Camp site surface: Grass and/or sand.

Please note:

  • No showers.
  • No water taps.
  • No rubbish bins.
  • No toilet facilities.
  • If you bring a portable toilet, the nearest waste disposal facility is available at the council service facility located on Clarkson Drive just outside of Rainbow Beach.
  • The service facility also has drinking water—take your own water storage containers.

Open fires: Permitted in pre-existing fire sites, except when QPWS-imposed fire prohibitions or QFES fire bans are in place. Fuel stoves are recommended.

Also see: the short video about campfire prohibitions and fuel stoves.

Generators: Only low decibel generators up to 2.0Kva are permitted. Turn generators off after 9pm.

Essentials to bring: Drinking water, portable toilet, rubbish bags, insect repellent, fuel or gas stove first-aid kit, sunscreen, sand pegs.

Please note:

  • For campfires bring clean, untreated firewood such as milled timber off-cuts.
  • Bring kindling and fire lighters as collecting and burning wood, including leaves and twigs, from the protected area is illegal and penalties apply.
  • Please dispose of your toilet waste at the council service facility on Clarkson Drive just north of Rainbow Beach.

Also see:

Bookings: Camping permits are required before setting up camp. Book online or learn about our camping booking options. Advance bookings are required, especially for holiday periods including long weekends and public holidays.

Also see: Camping during peak periods

Mobile phone coverage: Intermittent.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Inskip safely and camp with care.