Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area Sunshine Coast

Soak up a tranquil sunset over Inskip Peninsula. Photo credit: © Ben Blanche

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They’re renowned for surf and sun-drenched beaches, and deservedly-so, but take a closer look and you’ll find the Sunshine and Fraser coasts have so much more in store! Photo credit: Adam Creed © Queensland Government

Be inspired: Queensland National Parks’ best-loved camping areas

We are truly a nation of coast dwellers, so when it comes to camping holidays, where do we head? To the water, of course! Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

Camping area summary

    Camping area access

    4WD vehicles with high clearance are recommended. During dry weather, access to the camping areas can be challenging. 2WD vehicles, camper trailers, caravans and boat trailers may have difficulty accessing some camping areas.

    M.V. Sarawak and Sarawak West and S.S. Dorrigo camping area

    • Is best accessed by 4WD vehicles.
    • Has limited 2WD accessible sites from the bitumen road.
    • Has limited number of sites for caravans, campervans and camper trailers.

    Pelican Bay, Dorrigo South, M.V. Natone and M.V. Beagle camping areas

    • Are accessible by 4WD only.
    • Are not accessible for 2WD and all-wheel-drive vehicles, vehicles with low clearance.
    • Very limited access to camp sites available for off road high clearance caravans and camper trailers.

    Don’t get stuck!

    • Choose a suitable camping area for your type of vehicle and/or trailer set-up.
    • Stop at the camping area signs near the entrances and check out the best access routes.
    • The following camping area maps have the same information.

    Camping area maps


    • Camping permits for Inskip Peninsula camping areas are required and must be purchased before setting up campfees apply.
    • Buy permits well in advance.
    • When making your booking, you will need to know the name for the camping area you are booking. You must stipulate the place and dates you intend to camp. You cannot camp elsewhere during that period unless you amend your booking beforehand.
    • A camping permit booking number must be clearly displayed at your camp site.
    • Camping more than 30 days is prohibited in the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area.
    • As mobile phone reception at Inskip can be intermittent, QPWS&P suggests purchasing your camping permit prior to arriving online or by visiting a permit issuing centre.
    Image of toilet facilities with wheelchair access in M.V. Beagle camping area.Open larger image

    Toilet facilities with wheelchair access in M.V. Beagle camping area.

    Photo credit: Queensland Government



    • No water or shower facilities are provided in any of the camping areas.
    • Water is available at the service facility on Clarkson Drive in Rainbow Beach.
    • Bring your own water storage containers.


    • Most camping areas have hybrid toilets (minimal water use).
    • Bush toileting, including digging pit toilets, is not permitted at Inskip. Use existing toilet facilities or bring a portable toilet.

    Wheelchair accessible toilets

    Located in these camping areas:

    • Sarawak West
    • M.V. Sarawak
    • S.S. Dorrigo
    • M.V. Beagle
    • M.V. Natone.

    Portable toilet waste

    • Please do not empty contents of your portable toilets in the camping areas or the normal toilet facilities.
    • Use the council service facility on Clarkson Drive just outside of Rainbow Beach.

    Rubbish bins

    Collect all your rubbish in a strong container and take it one of the bins, located:

    • Just off the road at the exits to each of the other camping areas, except Pelican Bay.

    Also see: Staying safe and Looking after the park.

    Camping areas for schools and large groups

    Certain groups may be able to request a special account—group account, school account or commercial operator account—for booking camping.

    Also see: Permits for special group accounts Schools and other organised groups

    If you are planning an organised use of a QPWS-managed area contact your local QPWS office to discuss your proposal.

    • Organised event permits may be required for weddings and large, organised group activities, such as school excursions or adventure training.
    • Maximum group sizes and other conditions may apply depending on the location you wish to use and the type of activity you are planning.
    • It is recommended that group leaders view the Teachers’ and group leaders’ package (PDF, 247.3KB) for planning hints and safety information.