Snapper Island, Hope Islands National Park (CYPAL) Tropical North Queensland

Things to do

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is permitted at West Point at Snapper Island camping area. There are four unnumbered camp sites, and permits must be obtained in advance. Fees apply.

    Visitors must be self-sufficient. See essentials to bring for further information and observe minimum impact guidelines when visiting this island.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation in and around Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. For more information see the tourism information links.


    A short walking track leads from the day-use area over a rocky ridge to the northern side of the island. Access through the interior of the island is not encouraged—the fragile forest vegetation is easily damaged.

    Guided tours and talks

    Commercial operators offer guided sea kayaking tours to Snapper Island. See tourism information links for further information.

    Picnic and day use areas

    There is a day-use area on the south-west side of the island with picnic tables and a toilet. Remember to bring drinking water and a fuel stove—campfires are prohibited.

    Boating and fishing

    Boating and fishing around Snapper Island are popular activities. Please follow the zoning maps and regulations, catch and bag limits and other guidelines listed below. Be aware that estuarine crocodiles can occur in the waters around island national parks. Remember, your safety is our concern but your responsibility—always be croc wise in croc country.


    There are public moorings in the waters around Snapper Island, Hope Islands National Park (CYPAL). Moorings reduce coral damage from anchors and provide safe and sustainable access to popular reefs and islands. They suit a variety of vessel sizes and are accessed on a first-come-first-served basis. Time limits may apply during the day, but all mooring are available overnight between 3pm and 9am. Learn more about moorings and responsible anchoring and see maps and mooring locations.

    Motorised water sports, such as jet skiing, are prohibited around Snapper Island.


    Fishing is subject to marine park and fisheries restrictions. The reef and waters surrounding Snapper Island are zoned Conservation Park (yellow).

    For more information for State waters see Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park and for Commonwealth waters see Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

    Please note that although spearfishing is allowed in the waters surrounding the island, spearguns are only allowed on the island national park if they are stowed in a dismantled state. It is recommended you leave spearguns on your boat, stowed in a dismantled state, when not in use.

    Take only enough fish for a feed—remember bag and size limits apply. For details of bag and size limits for popular fish species see Queensland Fisheries.

    Viewing wildlife

    With many woodland, sea and other bird species, Snapper Island is a great location for birdwatching.

    • See the description of the park's natural environment for more details about Snapper Islands' wildlife.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.