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Mountain biking

Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park

View from the trails. Photo: Damien Breach Photography.

View from the trails. Photo: Damien Breach Photography.

Park alerts

See park alerts for the current status of the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park trails.


The Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park was a winner in the Government Achievement section of the 2015 QORF Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards. Don’t miss you chance to visit this award-winning facility.


Key to trail grades
Grade Description
Easy mountain bike trailEasy Wide trail with gentle gradient and smooth surface. Some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks. Suitable for beginner mountain bike riders with basic riding skills and off-road bikes.
Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate A trail with moderate gradients, variable surface and obstacles. May include steep and slippery sections. Suitable for skilled mountain bike riders only, with a reasonable level of fitness and basic off-road riding skills.
Difficult mountain bike trailDifficult

Suitable only for experienced mountain bikers used to physically demanding routes. Navigation and personal survival skills are highly desirable.

Expect large, dangerous and unavoidable obstacles and features. Challenging and variable trail with long, steep climbs or descents and loose surfaces. Some sections will be easier to walk.

Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park

This network of mountain bike trails in the Herberton Range is accessed from the northern entrance to the Herberton Range ridge road (PDF, 122K). The trails meander through an open forest of gums, bloodwoods, mahoganys, she-oaks, grasstrees and cycads. Some of the trails pass former forestry experimental plots of teak, blackbutt and tallowwood trees.

These single-track trails are purpose-built for mountain bike riding. Horses are not permitted on the trails.

If you are interested in volunteering to help maintain these mountain bike trails, contact Tableland Cycle Sports.

Get your trail files from Queensland Government data or from the individual links in the table below.

Trail Grade Distance Time Trail file
Trail 1 Easy mountain bike trailEasy 5.4km Allow 10–15mins riding time

Trail 1 KML

Trail 2 Easy mountain bike trailEasy 1.1km Allow 4–7mins riding time

Trail 2 GPX

Trail 2 KML

Trail 3 Easy mountain bike trailEasy 1.7km Allow 4–7mins riding time

Trail 3 GPX

Trail 3 KML

Trail 4 Easy mountain bike trailEasy 5.4km Allow 10–25mins riding time

Trail 4 GPX

Trail 4 KML

Trail 5 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 1.5km Allow 10–20mins riding time

Trail 5 GPX

Trail 5 KML

Trail 6 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 6.8km Allow 20–45mins riding time Trail 6 GPX

Trail 6 KML

Trail 7 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.6 km

Allow 15–25mins riding time

This trail has a black (difficult) alternative section

Trail 7 GPX

Trail 7 KML

Trail 8 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.3km Allow 15–25mins riding time Trail 8 GPX

Trail 8 KML

Trail 9 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.3km

Allow 5–10mins riding time

This trail has 3 black (difficult) alternative sections

Trail 9 GPX

Trail 9 KML

Trail 10 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.8km Allow 10–25mins riding time

Trail 10 GPX

Trail 10 KML

Trail 11 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 1.6km

Allow 8–15mins riding time

This trail has a black (difficult) alternative section

Trail 11 GPX

Trail 11 KML

Trail 12 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 10.5km Allow 35–80mins riding time Trail 12 GPX

Trail 12 KML

Trail 13 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 3.1km Allow 7–12mins riding time

Trail 13 GPX

Trail 13 KML

Trail 14 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 1.4km Allow 6–15mins riding time

Trail 14 GPX

Trail 14 KML

Trail 15 Easy mountain bike trailEasy 0.9km Allow 6–15mins riding time

Trail 15 GPX

Trail 15 KML

Trail 16 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 3.0km Allow 15–30mins riding time

Trail 16 GPX

Trail 16 KML

Trail 17 Intermediate mountain bike trailIntermediate 2.0km Allow 5–10mins riding time Trail 17 GPX

Trail 17 KML

Internal roads

Mountain bike through Herberton Range on the network of internal roads and firebreaks. Not all roads are shown on the maps, and intersections may not be sign posted. Expect to share the roads with pedestrians, trail-bikes, horses, vehicles and other cyclists.

For more information, see cycling.

Ride safely

  • Wear appropriate safety gear and be realistic about your cycling abilities.
  • Be aware of road crossings and give way to vehicles.
  • Slow down when approaching other track users. Alert others when approaching. To safely alert horses, slow right down and talk. Hearing a human voice helps a horse stay calm when a bike appears suddenly.
  • Maintain at least 50m between riders.
  • Avoid skidding and sliding—this may result in collision with other trail users and damage to the trail surface.
  • Sylvia Creek can rise rapidly in heavy rain. Beware of swift flowing water.
  • Service roads in the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park allow for injured riders and damaged bikes to be retrieved from the network. Make note of the location of the roads on the map (PDF, 1.8M), and as you ride the trails.

Looking after the park

  • Stay on the trails—riding off trails or short-cutting between trails is prohibited
  • Horses and other vehicles are not permitted on the mountain biking network.
  • Roads and unmarked fire trails are accessible for walkers, horse riders and vehicles. Vehicles must be registered and drivers must be licensed.
  • Dogs are permitted on a leash in Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park, on the green (easy) mountain bike trails only. Dogs must be kept under control at all times. For your safety, walk in the opposite direction of travel to the bike riders. Please follow the signs (PDF, 68K).
Last reviewed
19 August 2019
Last updated
10 August 2016