Herberton Range National Park, Herberton Range Conservation Park, Herberton Range State Forest and Baldy Mountain Forest Reserve Tropical North Queensland

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Be inspired: Mountain biking in north Queensland parks—feel the burn!

Want to take leg day to the next level? Sometimes you just have to say, ‘what the heck, let’s do it’. Queensland National Parks, particularly those in the north, offer some gnarly mountain bike trails&hellip… Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

About Herberton Range

    Park features

    A range of forest types, waterfalls, creeks, peaks and diverse wildlife are protected in these parks, reserve and forest.

    High-altitude rainforest, endangered wet sclerophyll forest and drier open forests cloak the peaks, foothills and slopes, supporting a wide range of animals including many endemic to the Wet Tropics.

    Enjoy expansive eastern views across the tablelands from the Mount Baldy summit and Drovers lookout. Drive or ride the Herberton Range Ridge Road or enjoy one of the many trails for walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers.

    Looking after the park

    • Stay on the roads and trails—riding and driving off roads and trails or short-cutting between roads and trails is prohibited
    • If driving and an obstruction blocks the road, don’t drive into the roadside drain to pass it. Remove the obstruction, if possible and safe to do so, or return from the direction you came. When moving obstructions do not block roadside drains.
    • Avoid driving on roads and riding on trails during and after heavy rain.
    • Horses and other vehicles are not permitted on the mountain biking network.
    • Roads and unmarked fire trails are accessible for walkers, horse riders and vehicles. Vehicles must be registered and drivers must be licensed.
    • Firearms and chainsaws must not be used in the parks, reserve and forest.
    • Everything is protected. Please leave everything as you found it.
    • Take your rubbish with you when you leave.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Myrtle rust

    Myrtle rust—a fungal disease affecting many native plants—has been found in Herberton Range State Forest. The disease poses a significant threat to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Follow these guidelines to help prevent its spread:

    Do not collect or move plant material, living or dead.

    • Stay on roads or vehicle tracks when driving to reduce contact between vehicles and plants.
    • Always stay on walking track to reduce contact with infected plants.
    • Avoid contact with infected plants as this may spread spores.
    • Go clean—clean your vehicle, bicycle, camping and hiking equipment (including clothes and footwear) when you leave each site or as soon as you arrive home. Remove soil, leaves and mud and clean with water and detergent.

    Learn more about myrtle rust and how to minimise its spread.

    Park management

    The 15,650ha Herberton Range State Forest was declared in 16 October 1954. On 30 May 2003, 7,707ha were converted to forest reserve, 6,547ha of which became Herberton Range National Park on 28 November 2008. The remaining 197ha of forest reserve were converted to conservation park to support the continuation of horse riding in the area. On 10 December 2010, 7,100ha of Herberton Range State Forest was converted to Baldy Mountain Forest Reserve.

    The parks, forest and reserve are managed on a day-to-day basis by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Sections of the conservation park and national park are included in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Management of the World Heritage Area is coordinated through a partnership between the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments, the Traditional Owners and the wider community.

    Tourism information links

    Atherton Visitor Information Centre
    Corner Main Street and Silo Road
    Atherton QLD 4883
    ph (07) 4091 4222
    email athinfocentre@trc.qld.gov.au

    Herberton Mining Museum and Visitor Information Centre
    1 Jacks Road
    Herberton QLD 4887
    ph (07) 4096 3474
    email info@herbertonvisitorcentre.com.au

    For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.

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