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Walking tracks summary

Most of the walking tracks on K'gari (Fraser Island) are well-defined, sandy tracks, with a generally firm and stable surface. However, walkers should expect to come across sections of soft sand, which can make walking slow and tiring.

  • Read the signs at the track entrances and choose walks that suit your group's fitness and time limits.
  • Beware of natural hazards, such as fallen trees, uneven surfaces and long, steep slopes.
  • Dingoes and other dangerous wildlife, including snakes, are also present.
  • Wear sturdy shoes. Carry a first-aid kit and enough drinking water.
  • Be dingo-safe! Never walk alone.
  • Distances and times are estimates only.
  • Allow time for rest stops and meal breaks.
  • Make sure you arrive at your camp well before dark if you are staying overnight on the K'gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk.
  • Please read Walking safely before you walk on K'gari.
From To Distance Walk time
Dilli Village Wongi Sandblow 8.4km (return) 3–4hrs
Markwell's Break circuit, returning along eastern beach 21.6km (circuit) 7–9hrs
Lake Boomanjin 12.6km (return) 4–6hrs
Lake Boomanjin Lake Benaroon 7.2km (one way) 2.5–3.5hrs
Lake Benaroon Central Station 7.5km (one way) 2.5–3.5hrs
Central Station Wanggoolba Creek 0.7km (circuit) 0.5hr
Pile Valley circuit 4km (circuit) 2hrs
Basin Lake (be prepared for an initial steep climb) 5.6km (return) 3hrs
Lake McKenzie via Pile Valley 11.3km (one way) 3.5–4.5hrs
Lake McKenzie circuit (via Pile Valley) 17.8 km (circuit) 6–8hrs
Lake Birrabeen 12.8km (return) 4.5–6.5hrs
Eurong 21.2km (return) 7–9hrs
Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora) Kingfisher Bay 12.7km (one way) 4–6hrs
Lake Wabby 11.9km (one way) 4–5hrs
Kingfisher Bay Dundonga Creek mouth 3km (return) 1–1.5hrs
McKenzie's jetty circuit 6.6km (circuit) 2–3hrs
McKenzie's Jetty McKenzie's mill circuit 1.4km (circuit) 0.5–1hr
Lake Wabby lookout
(off Cornwells Break Road)
Lake Wabby lookout 900m (return) 30mins
Lake Wabby 3.1km (return) 1–1.5hrs
Lake Wabby beach access Lake Wabby circuit 4.8km (return) 2–3hrs
Lake Wabby lookout circuit (via Hammerstone Sandblow and Lake Wabby) 7.2km (return) 3–4hrs
Valley of the Giants Giant tallowwood 2.6km (return) 1.0–1.5hrs
Giant satinay 7.3km (return) 2.5–3.5hrs
Lake Garawongera Bogimbah historical walk 15.6km (return) 5–7hrs
Rainbow Gorge
(from eastern beach entry point)
Rainbow Gorge 1.9km (return) 1hr
Eli Creek Eli Creek boardwalk 400m (return) 15mins
Knifeblade lookout car park Knifeblade lookout 1km (return) 45mins
Lake Allom car park Lake Allom 1.4km (circuit) 0.5–1hr
Northern Forest scenic drive
Boomerang Lakes car park (Northern Road)
Boomerang Lakes 530m (return) 12mins
Northern Forest scenic drive
Lake Coomboo car park (Northern Road)
Lake Coomboo 2.2km (one way) 45mins
Northern Forest scenic drive
Happy Valley Road entry point
Forest walk (via Lake Coomboo and Hidden Lake) 12.4km (one way) 3–3.5hrs
Dundubara Lake Bowarrady
(no camping available at the lake)
11km (one way) 3–4 hrs
Wungul Sandblow walk 2km (return) 45mins
Wungul Sandblow circuit 5.5km (circuit) 2–3hrs
Middle Rocks (Berebbaree/Callah) Champagne Pools boardwalk and viewing platform 800m (one way) 30mins
Waddy Point Waddy Point headland 1.8km (one way) 45mins
Ocean Lake Cypress circuit 900m (circuit) 30mins
Sandy Cape Sandy Cape gate to lighthouse
Be prepared for a steep climb and no facilities at the lighthouse
2.4km (return) 1–1.5hrs
Sandy Cape gate to bunkers 1.2km (return) 30mins
Bunkers to graves 1.2km (return) 30mins
K'gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk* Dilli Village to Lake Boomanjin 6.3km (one way) 1.5–2.5hrs
Lake Boomanjin to Lake Benaroon 7.2km (one way) 2.5–3.5hrs
Lake Benaroon to Central Station 7.5km (one way) 2.5–3.5hrs
Central Station to Lake McKenzie (via Basin Lake)
(No food or drinks (except water) to the lake.)
6.6km (one way) 2.5–3.5hrs
Central Station to Lake McKenzie (via Pile Valley) 11.3km (one way) 3.5–4.5hrs
Lake McKenzie to Lake Wabby 12km (one way) 4–5hrs
Lake Wabby to Valley of the Giants 16.1km (one way) 5.5–7.5hrs
Valley of the Giants to Lake Garawongera 13.1km (one way) 4.5–6.5hrs
Lake Garawongera to Happy Valley 6.7km (one way) 2–3hrs

* K'gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk—Walkers will need a topographic map brochure and compass if undertaking the entire 90km great walk track. Also see:

Increased fines for disturbing, feeding dingoes

It is illegal to disturb or feed wongari (dingo), which includes attracting them with food or food waste. On K’gari (Fraser Island) an increased maximum fine of $10,676 and an on-the-spot fine of $2,135 now apply to those people who break the law. Be dingo-safe.

Last updated
1 July 2019