Forty Mile Scrub National Park Tropical North Queensland

Things to do

    Camping and accommodation


    Camping is not permitted in Forty Mile Scrub National Park.

    Other accommodation

    Undara Experience, located in bushland adjacent to Undara Volcanic National Park, is less than an hour's drive away. It offers a variety of accommodation styles that cater to a range of budgets.

    There is also a range of accommodation in and around Ravenshoe, Mount Surprise and Mount Garnet.

    Pre-booking all accommodation is recommended.

    For more information, see the tourism information links.


    Follow the signs from the day-use area to the start of the wheelchair-accessible circuit walk.

    Forty Mile Scrub circuit walk—300 m circuit (10 mins) Grade: easy

    Explore the unique stunted forest on this short, flat, circuit walk. Informative signs help visitors understand the types of plants and typical wildlife found in the semi-evergreen vine-thicket.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    The day-use area within the park is located beside the Kennedy Highway. Picnic tables and toilets are provided, both of which are wheelchair accessible.

    Viewing wildlife

    Forty Mile Scrub National Park is home to a wide variety of animals, including interesting insects, skinks, snakes, possums and a number of birds. Some species that inhabit the park are usually associated with the wetter rainforests further east. These include the Australian brush-turkey and the red-legged pademelon.

    The best time for seeing and hearing wildlife at Forty Mile Scrub is either early morning or late afternoon. During the middle of the day it is often very quiet—most animals become inactive during the heat of the day.

    See the description of the park's natural environment for more details about the diverse wildlife of Forty Mile Scrub National Park.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.