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About Forty Mile Scrub

Park alerts

No current alerts for this park. See alerts for all parks.

Getting there and getting around

Travel south from Cairns or north from Townsville to Ravenshoe. Continue south-west along the Kennedy Highway to Mount Garnet. Forty Mile Scrub National Park straddles the Kennedy Highway, 65 km south-west of Mount Garnet. The Kennedy Highway is sealed—conventional vehicles can access the park.

The park may also be reached from the south, via Greenvale, or the west, via the Gulf Developmental Road through Georgetown.

Wheelchair accessibility

The picnic facilities, toilets and walking track are wheelchair accessible.

Park features

On the McBride Plateau, where ancient and recent volcanic flows occurred side by side, Forty Mile Scrub National Park protects a dry rainforest remnant, open grassy woodland, and the headwaters of Lynd, Barwon and Cleanskin creeks.

Bottle, white cedar, fig and white bean trees grow in the semi-evergreen vine-thicket, one of the few inland dry rainforest remnants in North Queensland. This rainforest vegetation was once quite extensive and is now considered nationally significant.

Serving as a refuge and providing a variety of foods, Forty Mile Scrub National Park attracts a range of animals. Some are permanent inhabitants while others, such as the koala, are seasonal visitors. Possums, skinks, butterflies and numerous birds inhabit the dry rainforest and eucalypt woodland of this park. Burrows below the ground are home to the world's largest cockroach.

Forty Mile Scrub National Park is part of the extensive Einasleigh Uplands biogeographic region.

Camping and accommodation


Camping is not permitted in Forty Mile Scrub National Park.

Other accommodation

Undara Experience, located in bushland adjacent to Undara Volcanic National Park, is less than an hour's drive away. It offers a variety of accommodation styles that cater to a range of budgets.

There is also a range of accommodation in and around Ravenshoe, Mount Surprise and Mount Garnet.

Pre-booking all accommodation is recommended.

For more information, see the tourism information links.

Things to do


Follow the signs from the day-use area to the start of the wheelchair-accessible circuit walk.

Forty Mile Scrub circuit walk—300 m circuit (10 mins) Grade: easy

Explore the unique stunted forest on this short, flat, circuit walk. Informative signs help visitors understand the types of plants and typical wildlife found in the semi-evergreen vine-thicket.

Picnic and day-use areas

The day-use area within the park is located beside the Kennedy Highway. Picnic tables and toilets are provided, both of which are wheelchair accessible.

Viewing wildlife

Forty Mile Scrub National Park is home to a wide variety of animals, including interesting insects, skinks, snakes, possums and a number of birds. Some species that inhabit the park are usually associated with the wetter rainforests further east. These include the Australian brush-turkey and the red-legged pademelon.

The best time for seeing and hearing wildlife at Forty Mile Scrub is either early morning or late afternoon. During the middle of the day it is often very quiet—most animals become inactive during the heat of the day.

See the description of the park's natural environment for more details about the diverse wildlife of Forty Mile Scrub National Park.

Things to know before you go

Accommodation can be as far as 50km away from the park, so to avoid disappointment it is recommended you pre-book all accommodation.

Essentials to bring

To ensure an enjoyable visit please bring:

  • rubbish bags
  • drinking water
  • a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • sturdy boots and long pants.

Opening hours

Forty Mile Scrub National Park is open 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. Camping in the park is prohibited.

Permits and fees

Permits are required for commercial or organised events. Contact us for further information.


Please leave your pets at home. Domestic animals are not permitted in Forty Mile Scrub National Park.

Climate and weather

During the wetter months, from December to April, monsoonal downpours affect the region. Situated at a higher altitude than the surrounding area, Forty Mile Scrub receives more than its share of this rainfall. Between May and November the region receives very little rain. For more information see the tourism information links.

Fuel and supplies

Fuel and supplies are available less than an hour away at Undara Experience and also at Mount Surprise and Mount Garnet. For more information see the tourism information links.

Staying safe

Please remember to make safety a priority when visiting this national park.

  • Wear sunscreen, a hat, protective clothing and sturdy footwear.
  • Always carry water and try to walk in the cooler part of the day.
  • Stay on the walking track provided.

For more information, please read the guidelines on safety in parks and forests.

Looking after the park

  • Take care if driving at night—wildlife may be encountered on the highway.
  • Stay on the walking track at all times—this reduces the risk of injury, prevents disturbance to native vegetation and reduces erosion.
  • Take your rubbish with you—litter is unsightly and harmful to wildlife. Remember that cigarette butts are rubbish too.
  • Feeding of wildlife is not permitted—it can affect the health of animals and alter their behaviour.
  • Leave domestic animals at home—they are not permitted in national parks.
  • Everything in the park, living or dead, is protected. Please leave everything as you found it.

See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

Park management

Forty Mile Scrub National Park covers about 6330ha and is managed with the purpose of protecting the natural and cultural values of the area while allowing the public to continue to enjoy recreational activities.

A combined management plan for Undara Volcanic National Park and Forty Mile Scrub National Park (PDF, 2.6M) has been prepared and implemented.

Lantana camara, a weed of national significance, is being strategically treated within the park. This management practice is important in order to reduce seasonal wildfires which have intensified due to the presence of introduced grass species.

Tourism information links

Savannah Way Adventure Drive

Undara Experience
ph (07) 4097 1900

Ravenshoe Visitor Centre
24 Moore Street, Ravenshoe QLD 4888
ph (07) 4097 7700

For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.

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