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Go Back in Time—school program

Museum theatre – school programs

The Go Back in Time programs have strong educational focus with activities using Theatre in Education techniques (Museum theatre) designed to engage students' imagination, connect them to the place and critically think about the significance of experiencing the past.

School program for 2021-22

Fort Lytton National Park
ActivitySchool yearsActivity descriptionCurriculumDurationFurther informationCost and bookings
History in a box3

‘History in a Box’, set in Fort Lytton National Park, provides the context for an inquiry into the significant historical features of the Moreton Bay area and the influence of the community in shaping this site, both in the past and today.

Through use of drama, students explore the connection of Fort Lytton to local and world events, places, people and the corresponding eras of history. They actively interrogate the physical site and historical sources.

History and Social Science (HASS) History & EnglishFull dayQPWS (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service) Theatre in Education in partnership with MBEEC (Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre). Bookings and further information contact MBEEC on (07)3906 9111For cost and bookings call MBEEC** on (07)3906 9111
Returned WWI9

Returned World War I is a Museum Theatre program that journeys back to the time of the Great War to explore the personal, social and political impacts of war. The program addresses impact before, during and after soldiers had returned to Australia.

Based at the World War I heritage sites of Fort Lytton and the Lytton Quarantine Station, students are engaged in a deep exploration of complex ideas about the cause and effect of historical events and the changes this war brought to Australian society.

History and Social Science (HASS) History, Drama & EnglishHalf and full dayQPWS* Theatre in Education in conjunction with MBEEC**. For further information call Fort Lytton National Park on (07)3393 4647For cost and bookings call MBEEC** (07)3906 9111
Frontline Brisbane WWII10

Frontline Brisbane WWII is a half-day program, using drama, image, artefacts and story. Theatre moments present diverse aspects of life in Brisbane as experienced by Australians during the year 1942.

Conducted within the heritage structures of Fort Lytton, this program challenges students to connect intellectually and emotionally with a number of themes including changing motivations and methods of defending both land and ideals; changing social attitudes and cultural understandings, especially in relation to women; and changing alliances - Australia as part of the British Empire; relations between Australians and their American allies.

History and Social Science (HASS) HistoryHalf dayQPWS* Theatre in Education in conjunction with MBEEC**. For further information call MBEEC on (07)3906 9111For cost and bookings call MBEEC** on (07) 3906 9111

Immigration is a day program which traces the journeys of migrants arriving in Australia and particularly Queensland from the earliest settlements through to post World War II and importantly, today. The program focuses on gaining an insight into why people choose to migrate to Australia, where they came from and their contributions.

On the day, Immigration cross Moreton Bay in the footsteps of the first colonial migrants. Later, engaged as migrants arriving post World War I, they are processed through the Quarantine Station participating in theatre scenes and dramatic explorations of the buildings and site. Finally, students examine historical sources to build an appreciation of migration post World War II and, in role, reflect on the needs and experiences of migrants at this time.

Throughout the day students reflect on the importance of migrants and their contribution to Australia today and into the future.

History and Social Science (HASS) Geography and HistoryFull dayFor further information call MBEEC** on (07) 3906 9111For cost and bookings call MBEEC** on (07) 3906 9111
ActivitySchool yearsActivity descriptionCurriculumBoat tripDurationFurther informationCost and bookings
St Helena Island National Park
St Helena Stories4 & 5

As Historical biographers, each student follows a prisoner’s story to discover his daily life from free settler to prisoner.

This program uses story as a medium for engaging students in historical events and places; and as a stimulus for writing their own personal account of the prisoner.

History and Social Science (HASS) History & EnglishYesFull dayFor further information call MBEEC** on (07) 3906 9111For cost and bookings call MBEEC** on (07) 3906 9111

* Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

** Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre (07) 3906 9111.

Please note: as most guided tours involve walking in the sun over uneven ground it is recommended to wear enclosed footwear, sunscreen, hat and carry your own drinking water.

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