Ex-HMAS Brisbane Conservation Park Sunshine Coast

Diver exploring the abundant marine life around ex-HMAS Brisbane. Photo credit: Courtesy of Gillian Davison, Noosa Blue Water Dive

Frequently asked questions

    How do I get a permit?

    QPWS permits for private divers, snorkellers or club divers using the public mooring, can be obtained through a licensed dive tour operator. Permits may be applied for by email, phone or over-the-counter seven days a week (business hours only).

    The following information must be provided when applying for a permit:

    • name, home address, contact number/s and dive licence number of the trip dive leader
    • name, dive licence number and home postcode of each diver
    • name and registration number of the boat and postcode of its registered address
    • total number of divers and non-diving passengers.

    Two dive tour operators are licensed to offer a variety of dives within the Ex-HMAS Brisbane Conservation Park. If you are a certified diver, contact the operators to find out what dive experiences they have on offer.

    How much is it to dive?

    Prices for private and club divers per 3hr timeslot booking are:

    • private divers: $54 per person per 3hr timeslot
    • club divers: $48 per person per 3hr timeslot.

    Contact the licensed dive tour operators for prices for commercial dives.

    Can I snorkel?

    You can snorkel within the Ex-HMAS Brisbane Conservation Park but a permit is required and a fee applies.

    Contact either of the two dive tour operators to obtain a permit to snorkel. The cost is $32 per person per 3hr timeslot.

    How many moorings are available?

    There is one (1) public mooring available for use by club and independent divers. Note that there is a 3hr time limit and that a QPWS permit, issued by either of the two dive tour operators, is required before accessing the mooring.

    What happens if I make a booking and someone is on the mooring when we arrive?

    If it is someone with a booking that has overstayed and is just completing their dive you can tie up to the same mooring.

    If there are divers in the water and/or the vessel will not or cannot leave, take details of the vessel and contact QPWS or the booking office as soon as possible. QPWS will take follow-up action.

    What happens if we can't dive due to the weather or sea conditions?

    You will be offered another timeslot at the next available opportunity in the first instance. If you are unable to make another booking you will receive a refund.

    What qualification level do I need to dive the ex-HMAS Brisbane?

    Commercial operators may require their clients to have a certain level of training and/or experience to dive at the site. Contact the licensed dive tour operators for further information.

    For club and private divers, QPWS recommends divers with suitable SSI/PADI or other qualifications have completed a minimum of 10 open-water dives before diving the site. In all situations this will depend on who you are diving with, what the conditions are, and what area of the ex-HMAS Brisbane you are diving on. People should satisfy themselves that they have an adequate level of training and experience to undertake the planned dive. Where any doubt exists, dive with a licensed dive tour operator.