Eungella National Park Mackay

Survive your visit to Finch Hatton Gorge

Take extreme care around cascades and fast flowing streams. Five people have died in accidents around the Finch Hatton Gorge area over the past 40 years, many more have been seriously injured, some of these include spinal injuries. These incidents are specifically due to slipping on the wet slippery rocks and steep wet slopes—please take these warnings seriously. Photo credit: Adam Creed © Queensland Government

Be inspired: Find your family camping haven amid the misty mountains of Eungella

Inland from Mackay, high above the surrounding plains, a mist-shrouded mountain refuge is home to many kinds of wildlife… and quite a few happy campers! Photo credit: © Sarah Haskmann


Some areas are accessible only by 4WD. To find out where each drive starts and finishes, match the map references below to the Eungella and Mackay Highlands map (PDF, 217.2KB) .

Please read Four-wheel-driving in parks and the associated driving safely information before you drive in Eungella and the Mackay Highlands.

See the Mackay Highlands and Eungella National Park Visitor Guide available from QPWS for detailed driving information.

    Pine Grove to Broken River

    Distance: 5km one way
    Time: 10min drive
    Map reference: (1)–(4)

    Details: This is a winding drive along a sealed road, suitable for conventional vehicles. Drive through lush rainforest, past Sky Window and through open pasture to Broken River. Fern Flat campground, at Broken River, is accessible only to walkers. Commercial cabin-style accommodation is available.

    Contact Mackay Tourism for details.

    Broken River to Crediton Hall

    Distance: 9.7km one way
    Time: 10min drive
    Map reference: (4)–(9)

    Details: These roads are unsealed but can be traversed by conventional vehicles. Please watch for walkers on shared roads. Drive from rainforest to Crediton's quiet farming communities. From Broken River, drive south along the winding Eungella Dam Road for 3 km and take a left turn into Crediton Loop Road. Turn right after the Wishing Pool Circuit track entrance and continue along this road 3 km to Crediton Hall. This area is suitable for a day-time picnic stop with tables and toilets as part of the vehicle-accessible camping area managed by the Mackay Regional Council; see the Crediton Hall camping information page for more details.

    Crediton Hall to Denham Range

    Distance: 33.3km one way
    Time: 40min drive
    Map reference: (9)–(10)

    Details: This drive passes through farming communities to open woodland and is on steep gravel roads suitable only for 4WD vehicles. Please watch for walkers on shared roads. Head south-west along Crediton Loop Road and admire tall stately rose gums more than a century old. Turn left into Eungella Dam Road and travel 4.7km before taking another sharp left into Cockies Creek Road. This road takes you to a series of rough tracks up to Denham Range camping area.

    Denham Range to Moonlight Dam

    Distance: about 100km one way
    Time: 1.25hr drive
    Map reference: (10)–(11)

    Details: Gravel tracks are suitable only for 4WD vehicles. Please watch for walkers on shared roads. Retrace the rough gravels tracks and Cockies Creek Road, turn left into Eungella Dam Road, follow for 14.8km then turn left into Lizzie Creek Road and follow this for 17.3km. Turn left into Turrawulla Road. Drive 40km to the signed left turn into Moonlight Dam. It is then a further 6km.

    For a shorter drive, about 88km, follow Eungella Dam Road for 24.5km, turn left into Lizzie Creek Road, from here follow the directions above. Gravel tracks are suitable only for 4WD vehicles. Please watch for walkers on shared roads.

    The Dray Track is accessible to walkers only. To take the safe route from Denham Range, prepare for a long drive. Alternatively, access Moonlight Dam from Broken River (85km) or Nebo (50km). Moonlight Dam camping area is accessible to vehicles.

    Moonlight Dam to Mount Britton

    Distance: 15km one way
    Time: 20min drive
    Map reference: (11)–(12)

    Details: This is a gravel road suitable only for 4WD vehicles. Please watch for walkers on shared sections. From Moonlight Dam, retrace 6km back to the turnoff and turn left into Turrawulla Road. Follow this road for about 2.5km, turn left into Homevale Road and then drive another 5.5km to reach Mount Britton. All buildings are gone but Isaac Regional Council has marked original streets and presented historical photographs to give you a glimpse of the town in the 1880s.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.