Djiru National Park Tropical North Queensland

Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

Be inspired: Grab your boots and adventure outdoors—7 short walks around Cairns and Townsville

‘These boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do…’ If you like the sound of rambling through ancient rainforests, wandering along palm-fringed beaches and clambering around tropical islands, not to mention, spotting awesome wildlife, read on! Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government


Walking and mountain biking

Several short and long walks allow visitors to explore the lowland rainforest in Djiru National Park, while the Musgravea track is a shared-use track for walkers and mountain-bikers. It is the only track in Djiru National Park where bicycles are permitted.


Viewing platform at Lacey Creek.

Viewing platform at Lacey Creek.

Photo credit: Greg Watson

Lacey Creek walk (Grade: easy)

Distance: 1.5km return
Time: allow 45mins walking time
Details: This walk is best appreciated when walked in an anti-clockwise direction. Starting from the cassowary information shelter, the track passes through rainforest and exits at the picnic area near the car park. Signs along the track provide information about the evolution of various plants and animals. About half way round, a viewing platform allows walkers to peer into a calm pool of Lacey Creek and spot saw-shelled turtles and fish of various types. Signs help with identification.

Fan Palm walk, Djiru National Park.

Fan Palm walk, Djiru National Park.

Photo credit: Stella Martin, Queensland Government

Fan Palm walk (Grade: easy)

Distance: 1.3km return
Time: allow 20mins walking time
Details: This loop track winds through a native fan palm forest. Signs along the walk describe how rainforest plants are adapted to survive in this low light, seasonally-flooded area. Much evidence of cyclone damage can be seen along the track. The boardwalk part of the track is wheelchair accessible (with assistance).

Children's walk (Grade: easy)

Distance: 400m return
Time: allow 10mins walking time
Details: This short loop takes children on a discovery walk through the fan palm forest, following ‘cassowary footprints’ to a ‘nest’.

Dreaming trail (Grade: moderate)

Distance: 3.2km one way
Time: allow 1.5hrs walking time
Details: This walking track starts across the road from the Lacey Creek day-use area. It climbs over quite steep terrain and exits about 2km further east, along the El Arish–Mission Beach road—the same exit as the Musgravea track. The Dreaming trail and the Musgravea track join shortly before the road exit.

Musgravea track

 WalkersMountain bikers

Easy: wide trail with gentle gradient and smooth surface. Some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks. Suitable for beginner mountain bike riders with basic riding skills and off-road bikes.

Timeallow 2.5hrsallow 1hr

Distance: 6km one way
Details: This is a shared-use track for walkers and mountain bikes. It is the only track in Djiru National Park where bicycles are permitted. This track is mainly flat, suitable for all weather access and requires a medium level of fitness. It follows an old forestry road used in the 1960s and 1970s to haul timber from South Mission Beach to the El Arish timber mill. The track heads north from the car park at the Licuala day-use area and exits on to the El Arish–Mission Beach road about 2km east of the Lacey Creek day-use area. Creeks in this area are subject to flash flooding and caution should be exercised. The Musgravea track and the Dreaming trail join shortly before the road exit.

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