Diamantina National Park Outback Queensland

Diamantina Homestead is the Ranger Headquarters and information centre for Diamantina National Park. Photo credit: © Courtesy of Outback Pics, Longreach

Discover Diamantina’s spectacularly diverse and ancient landscape. Photo credit: © Fiona Leverington

Ranger Base (Diamantina Homestead)

Step back in time to the cattle-breeding years of the late 1800s when you visit the information centre.

Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle

Park your vehicle and follow the gravel path into the unstaffed information centre in the old store building, once part of the homestead of the Diamantina Lakes cattle station. Learn from displays how the land once carried up to 12,000 head of cattle, requiring sometimes 20 stockmen at a time to brand, draft, tag, dehorn and castrate the herd. These hard-yakka blokes would rough it, camping with nothing but their swags for weeks at a time.

From the information centre, look over to the homestead. Today, our Park Rangers live in the main homestead and head-stockman cottages, while researchers, volunteers and visiting staff use the ringers' quarters and kitchen. These buildings are not accessible to the public.

Getting there and getting around

The Ranger Base (Diamantina Homestead) is in Diamantina National Park, south-west of Winton in South West Queensland.

The buildings are 38km from the park boundary on the road from Winton, 37km from the park boundary on the road from Boulia and Bedourie, and 35km from the park boundary on the road from Windorah. An unstaffed information centre is housed in the old store building; the other buildings are not accessible to the public

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  • Access to this site is via roads suitable for conventional vehicles.
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From Winton

  • Travel south from Winton on the Jundah (Lark Quarry) Road.
  • After 95km turn right onto Cork Connection Road.
  • Drive 18km and turn left onto Old Cork Mail Road
  • The park boundary is about 174km along this road.
  • The Ranger Base is a further 38km from the boundary.

From Boulia

  • Travel east from Boulia on Kennedy Development Road (Min Min Byway).
  • After 22km turn right onto Springvale Road.
  • The park boundary is about 13km along this road.
  • The Ranger Base is a further 37km from the boundary.

From Windorah

  • Travel north-west from Windorah on Diamantina Development Road.
  • After 151km, turn right onto Davenport Road.
  • The park boundary is about 150km along this road.
  • The Ranger Base is a further 35km from the boundary.

From Bedourie

  • Travel south from Bedourie on Eyre Developmental Road.
  • After 22.5km, turn left onto Diamantina Development Road.
  • Travel 50km and turn left onto Coorabulka Road.
  • After 101km, turn right onto Springvale Road (at the Coorabulka Homestead).
  • Travel 47km and turn right onto Springvale Diamantina Lakes Road.
  • The park boundary is 20km along this road.
  • The Ranger Base is a further 37km from the boundary.

Wheelchair access

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Ranger Base (Diamantina Homestead) is open 24 hours a day

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Diamantina safely.

  • There are currently no park alerts for this park.