Davies Creek National Park, Dinden National Park, Dinden West Forest Reserve and Bare Hill Conservation Park Tropical North Queensland

Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

Be inspired: Mountain biking in north Queensland parks—feel the burn!

Want to take leg day to the next level? Sometimes you just have to say, ‘what the heck, let’s do it’. Queensland National Parks, particularly those in the north, offer some gnarly mountain bike trails&hellip… Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

Mountain biking

Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park

Park alerts

See park alerts for the current status of the Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park trails.


Key to trail grades
Easy grade trailEasyWide trail with gentle gradient and smooth surface. Some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks. Suitable for beginner mountain bike riders with basic riding skills and off-road bikes.
Intermediate grade trailIntermediateA trail with moderate gradients, variable surface and obstacles. May include steep and slippery sections. Suitable for skilled mountain bike riders only, with a reasonable level of fitness and basic off-road riding skills.
Difficult grade trailDifficult

Suitable only for experienced mountain bikers used to physically demanding routes. Navigation and personal survival skills are highly desirable.

Expect large, dangerous and unavoidable obstacles and features. Challenging and variable trail with long, steep climbs or descents and loose surfaces. Some sections will be easier to walk.

Davies Creek Mountain Bike Park

This network of mountain bike trails in the Lamb Range between Mareeba and Kuranda is accessed from the Kennedy Highway, approximately 13km from Mareeba. Follow the Davies Creek signs. The trails wind along the rain-shadowed slopes of the Lamb Range.

With lengths and grades for everyone, riders navigate granite outcrops, cross clear streams, and traverse forests of bloodwoods, stringybarks, she-oaks, cycads and grass trees.

These shared trails were built for mountain bike riding but are available to walkers. Horse and trail bike riding are not permitted.

If you are interested in volunteering to help maintain these mountain bike trails, contact Mareeba Mountain Goats Inc.

Get your trail files from Queensland Government data or from the individual links below.

TrailGradeDistanceTimeTrail file
Trail 1Easy grade trailEasy10.6kmAllow 30–60mins riding timeTrail 1 kmz
Trail 2Intermediate grade trailIntermediate1.7kmAllow 2–5mins riding timeTrail 2 kmz
Trail 3Intermediate grade trailIntermediate4.0km

Allow 30–40mins riding time

This trail has 6 black (difficult) alternative sections.

Trail 3 kmz
Trail 4Intermediate grade trailIntermediate1.9kmAllow 10–20mins riding timeTrail 4 kmz
Trail 5Easy grade trailEasy3.6kmAllow 10–20mins riding timeTrail 5 kmz
Trail 7Easy grade trailEasy2.7kmAllow 5–10mins riding timeTrail 7 kmz

Right activity, right place

  • Walkers are welcome to use the mountain bike trails in this network. For your safety, walk in the opposite direction of travel and give way to mountain bikes.
  • Dogs, horses and other vehicles are not permitted in the mountain bike park.

Ride safely

  • Remain on the marked mountain bike trails.
  • Riders may need to lift bikes through or over gates.
  • Service vehicles have limited access to the road network. Be aware of road and trail crossings and give way to vehicles. If required, emergency vehicles may be able to access these service roads. Make note of their location on the map (PDF, 2.4MB) , and as you ride the trails.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear and be realistic about your cycling abilities.
  • Sections of trails may be slippery when wet and creeks can rise rapidly in heavy rain. Beware of swift flowing water.
  • Mobile reception is available in some locations. Make note of these locations on the map (PDF, 2.4MB) , and as you ride the trails.

Ride responsibly

  • Give way when riding down slopes and alert other riders when approaching.
  • Avoid skidding and sliding around turns and down slopes—this may result in collisions with other trail users and damage the trail surface.
  • Keep tracks in good condition and limit erosion by not riding during or immediately after wet weather.

Care for the park

  • Stay on marked trails and formed roads to prevent erosion and disturbance to vegetation.
  • Take your rubbish with you when you leave.

  • There are currently no park alerts for this park.