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Transcript for David Fleay Wildlife Park video

Ranger 1: Hi. Welcome to David Fleay Wildlife Park. I’m Jacki Steel and I’m the Ranger-in-Charge here.

Ranger 2: He’s a boy. Very much a boy.

Ranger 1: David Fleay Wildlife Park is a fantastic place for parents to bring their children. It’s nice and quiet. We have educational programs throughout the day that ah, that kids can get up close and personal with and believe that it’s really important to let people know about these different species that you wouldn’t find out in the wild and in our national parks so I particularly enjoy letting people know what species they will find.

Child: Um, my favourite animal here would be the crocodile because they’re really big and they eat a lot of things.

Ranger 3: How’s that good? Yummy. I can see you’re shivering with excitement. She’s very food orientated. Um, her Mum’s up the enclosure, the next one up. She’s more people orientated than than what Pearl is. Yeh, good girl.

Child: Yeh it was an awesome place. I love it here.

Last updated
21 November 2014