Dalrymple National Park Townsville

Things to do

    Camp site 1, Burdekin River camping area.

    Camp site 1, Burdekin River camping area.

    Photo credit: Queensland Government

    Camping and accommodation


    Burdekin River camping area

    Vehicle-based bush camping is permitted on the south-western bank of the Burdekin River at four cleared camp sites under the gum trees. No facilities are provided. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

    Camping permits are required for Burdekin River camping area, and fees apply.

    Access to the camping area is by four-wheel-drive vehicle only. Read more about staying safe and looking after the park.

    Other accommodation

    A range of holiday accommodation is offered in and around Charters Towers. For more information see the tourism information links.


    Dalrymple National Park is mostly undeveloped for walking, however rough trails follow the Burdekin River and Fletcher Creek. These peaceful walks allow visitors to explore the basalt flows on the park and the riverside environment. There is a walking track to Lowes Basin starting at the day-use area. The track crosses Fletcher Creek, taking walkers over basalt rock formations and across open woodlands to Lowes Basin. Track markers denote the track.

    Longer hikes to Mount Keelbottom should only be undertaken by well-equipped, experienced bushwalkers. Walkers must be well prepared and responsible for their own safety.

    Cycling/mountain bike riding

    Bike through Dalrymple National Park on the internal roads. Riding from the Fletcher Creek Camping Reserve to the Burdekin River within the park offers an easy and pleasant riding experience. Expect to share the roads with pedestrians, vehicles and other cyclists.

    For more information, see cycling.

    Trail-bike riding and four-wheel-driving

    Ride trail-bikes and drive four-wheel-drives through Dalrymple National Park on the internal roads. Riders and drivers must be licensed and trail-bikes and vehicles must be fully registered. Expect to share the roads with pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

    Stay on formed roads—trail-bikes and vehicles are not permitted off-road.

    For more information, see trail-bike riding and four-wheel driving.

    Before you go

    Remember to tell a responsible person where you are going and when you expect to return. Let them know your route and contact them on your safe return. Have a contingency plan in place if you fail to contact them by the agreed time. If you change your plans, inform them. Please be aware that the department will not check you have returned from your trip.

    In the event of an emergency, communication equipment is vital. You should carry at least one form of communication equipment. Mobile phone coverage is unreliable, UHF radios or satellite phones are recommended. In the case of an emergency, if network coverage is available, dial 000 or 112.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    Visitors can use the camping areas for the day. There are picnic shelters, tables, toilets, cold showers and wood barbecues at Fletcher Creek camping reserve. The Burdekin River camping area has no facilities.


    Fishing is not permitted in Fletcher or Lolworth creeks.

    Viewing wildlife

    The river banks provide excellent opportunities for viewing waterbirds; the variety of woodland plants makes the park an important refuge for native animals.

    See the description of the park's natural environment for more details about Dalrymple's diverse wildlife

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.