Dalrymple Gap walking track, Girringun National Park Townsville | Tropical North Queensland

Photo credit: Photo: Jodie Bray © Qld Govt


    Walk features

    The Dalrymple Gap walking track allows visitors to experience some of the beauty and diversity of Girringun National Park. This track follows the route of a road built in the 1860s, that in turn roughly followed the route taken by Aboriginal people across the Cardwell Range. It meanders through open eucalypt forest and rainforest, and has numerous creek crossings. The cool, fresh rainforest air is a welcome relief after the steep climb up the Cardwell Range where huge strangler figs reach well above the forest.

    Near the top of Dalrymple Gap, on the coastal side, is an historic brick-lined bridge. The bricks were brought from Scotland and the bridge has an interesting stone-pitched face. Drill holes and grooves in rocks along the edge of the track show where they were split to widen the track.

    This track can be walked in either direction, and is best done as a one-way walk to allow time to enjoy the beauty of Dalrymple Creek and the historic features of the track.

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