Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park (CYPAL) Tropical North Queensland

The Jindalba day-use area has picnic tables nestled in dense lowland rainforest. Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

Where the rainforest meets the Coral Sea—Cape Tribulation and its fringing reefs, Queensland. Photo credit: Tourism Queensland

Jindalba day-use area

Unwind in this large day-use area nestled in dense rainforest beside a creek, a great place to start your Daintree exploration.

Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle

Attraction facilities

  • Picnic tables (some sheltered)
  • Toilets (flush)
  • Wheelchair access (may require assistance)

Relax with a cuppa or picnic at one of the tables in this large rainforest-fringed day-use area at the foot of Mount Alexandra. Jindalba means ‘foot of the mountain’. Look around you for cryptic leaf-tailed geckos and Boyd's forest dragons clinging on tree trunks, and buff-breasted paradise kingfishers streaming through the canopy.

You may also be lucky enough to see a cassowary but don’t be tempted to share your picnic—be cass-o-wary! Once your energy is restored, set off on the Jindalba boardwalk or circuit track to truly experience this lush lowland rainforest.

This park is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, famed for its exceptional natural beauty, outstanding examples of the record of life, evolutionary history and remarkable diversity.

Getting there and getting around

The Jindalba day-use area is in the Cape Tribulation section of Daintree National Park (CYPAL), 100–150km north of Cairns.

  • From Cairns, drive 104km north along the Captain Cook Highway to the entrance to the Cape Tribulation section of the park at the Daintree River crossing.
  • The Daintree ferry operates 6.00am–midnight every day with a reduced service on Christmas Day and occasional breaks in service for mechanical repairs or during flooding.
  • From the Daintree ferry, drive 16km north along Cape Tribulation Road then turn right into Tulip Oak Road (8.5km past the Mount Alexandra Lookout),and drive a further 1km to the Jindalba car park.

Wheelchair access

Jindalba picnic area is wheelchair accessible. On the Jindalba boardwalk, wheelchair access to the creek is possible from the exit end only, near the disabled access parking bays.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Jindalba day-use area is open 24 hours a day

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Cape Tribulation safely.