Crediton State Forest Mackay

Things to do

    Camping and accommodation


    You can bush camp at The Diggings or stay in the camping areas at Crediton Hall and Denham Range. Camping permits are required and fees apply.

    The Diggings

    Bush camp at The Diggings. It's not far off Eungella Dam Road but you'll feel much further away in this tranquil spot. There are no facilities or designated camp sites, just plenty of natural offerings. Tall trees shade a grassy clearing near a calm section of Broken River.

    Crediton Hall and Denham Range

    Enjoy the peace and quiet of the small farming community surrounding Crediton Hall. Walk-in and vehicle-accessible sites are located on a grassy reserve managed by Mackay Regional Council.

    From Crediton Hall, drive (33 km, 4WD only) or walk (19.5 km, full-day walk) to Denham Range to camp in sites spread along the high mountain ridge, offering cool breezes and views across the vast dry landscape of the Brigalow Belt bioregion.

    Other accommodation

    Commercial cabin-style accommodation and motels are available in Eungella, Finch Hatton and Broken River. For more information see the tourism information links.


    * see Mackay Highlands Great Walk or Eungella National Park page for explanation of track numbers shown on maps.

    The 56 km Mackay Highlands Great Walk traverses Crediton State Forest.

    Mackay Highlands Great Walk—56 km one way (3–5 days) Grade: moderate to difficult

    The 3–5 day walk is only for skilled walkers with high fitness levels. Experience rainforest and palm groves, cliffs and peaks, and quiet roads and farming communities. For more information visit the Mackay Highlands Great Walk page.


    Broken River to The Diggings—9.5 km one way (15 minutes)

    3.5 km south of Broken River turn onto Diggings Road and travel 6 km to this peaceful place to relax. Diggings Road is rough, unsealed and in wet conditions is only suitable for 4WD vehicles. There are no facilities though vehicle based camping is available. The diversity of wildlife attracted to the river will keep you entertained.

    Eungella township to The Diggings—7.5 km one way (10 minutes)

    Drive 1.5 km south from Eungella township and turn right onto Diggings Road. The Diggings is a further 6 km.

    Crediton Hall to Denham Range—33.3 km one way (40 minutes)

    This drive passes through farming communities to open woodland and is on steep gravel roads suitable only for 4WD vehicles. Please watch for walkers on shared roads. Head south-west along Crediton Loop Road and admire tall stately rose gums more than a century old. Turn left into Eungella Dam Road and travel 4.7 km before taking another sharp left into Cockies Creek Road. This road takes you to a series of rough tracks up to Denham Range camping area.

    Explore Crediton State Forest by vehicle from Crediton Hall to Denham Range. Extend your trip beyond Crediton and link-in with the Eungella and Mackay Highlands drive, from Pine Grove (Eungella National Park) to Mount Britton (Homevale Regional Park 1). A network of quiet unsealed vehicle tracks will give you a different view of rainforest, open woodland and dry open country. It also provides access to the Mackay Highlands Great Walk and a series of short walks, should you wish to further explore this spectacular area on foot.

    Mountain biking

    You can mountain bike through Crediton State Forest on the internal roads and fire breaks, unless otherwise signed. Expect to share the roads with pedestrians, trail bikes, vehicles and other cyclists.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    The Diggings is a pleasant place for a picnic or rest stop but no facilities are provided. Nearest toilets and barbecue facilities are at Sky Window visitor area.

    All rubbish (including food scraps) must be carried out.


    Saddle-up and explore Crediton State Forest on horseback. Horseriding is permitted on open roads and tracks in these state forests.

    Please remember to ride safely and minimise your impact on these special natural areas. Take note of weather conditions before you set out and avoid traversing over wet or muddy soil to reduce the spread of weed seeds.

    Viewing wildlife

    If you stop at The Diggings, you definitely won't be alone!

    Platypus feed busily in the river at dawn and dusk, and rainforest birds will keep even the most enthusiastic naturalist occupied for hours. To appreciate the diversity of wildlife, pack your field guide and binoculars.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.